Friday, April 15, 2011

Money Saving Mode: Don't Be Scared to Return Items

Before I started couponing I rarely did returns, especially at the grocery store. I paid a lot of "stupid tax" on items because I was just plain lazy.  If I bought clothes that I ended up not wearing they would sit in my closet until it was too late to return them. If I bought food that went bad, it just went bad and it was on me.  I'm not longer lazy!  If there's an error on my receipt I speak to management, if my food goes bad before it should I return it!

Last Friday I bought some fresh green beans at Publix.  The "sell by" date was April 15 (today), however when I pulled them out to cook them on Tuesday I noticed they weren't looking so good.  They had brown spots and some "fur".  EW!  So, yesterday when I made this weeks grocery trip I took the beans with me.  I showed them to the CSM and he immediately gave me a refund. I mentioned that I had the receipt and went to pull it out but he said that wasn't necessary.  He just gave me the money back and I headed off to do my shopping.

There are times when I still eat a mistake, usually it's my own.  I've learned the hard way to double check and make sure exactly which item is on sale.  BOGO sales are usually very specific products and rarely say "all".  But, I'm learning every day and more importantly, I'm saving!

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