Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Great Deal on Swiffer Refills at Walgreens Next Week

If you haven't already used your BOGO Swiffer refills coupon from Sunday's paper yet, you will want to hang onto it till next week.

Starting Sunday at Walgreens.

Swiffer Refills 25% Off (get $3RR wyb $10)

According to their website they are regularly $5.99,
-25% off would make them $4.49
Use BOGO Coupon = 2/$4.49
- Get $3 RR
= final price 2/ $1.49

BOGO Entree at TGI Fridays

Click here to print a coupon for a BOGO Entree at TGIFriday's (with purchase of appetizer).

Airwick & Betty Crocker Coupons Coming Sunday

According to the Sunday Coupon Preview, we can expect some new Airwick and Betty Crocker coupons in the SmartSource insert this Sunday.

We can also expect coupons from Campbell's, Colgate, Classico & Tyson.  Looks like this should be a good coupon week.

Publix Coupon Book By Mail

Sign up for your FREE Publix coupon book to be delivered by postal mail to you in about 2-4 weeks.

10 Reasons to LIKE Your Favorite Companies on Facebook

You may want to set up a secondary Facebook account to do your company liking with unless you want to end up overwhelmed with seeing them on your newsfeed (or you could hide them individually). I've never found myself spammed by any but I have found myself unable to find my friends in my feed thanks to all the other stuff showing up.

Ben & Jerry's is offering those who LIKE them $1.50 off a pint of ice cream.  This should equal some really cheap ice cream if you can match that coupon up with a good sale.  The coupon is a Ecoupon good at stores with loyalty / shopper cards like Kroger.

Like Nivea on Facebook and they've got several coupons for you, including $1/1 body lotion

Like the Facebook page for America's Next Great Restaurant and watch a short video preview for the show and get a coupon for a B1G1 FREE meal at Chipotle!

Like Yoplait and get a FREE CUP of yogurt

 Join Bob Evans email list on Facebook and they will send you a coupon for BOGO side dishes

Like Cheez-It on Facebook and get a FREE Sample of Cheez-Its

Free Sample of Quaker Life Bar (good till 3/5)

Like SILK on Facebook, then sign up for a $1/1 Coupon for soy milk

Like Eucerin and get a coupon for $1 Off body lotion.

Like Yoplait Smoothie and get a coupon for $1 Off.

Like Clean & Clear and get a $2 Off Coupon

COUPON NEWS: Groupon Sued

According to this article in the Huffington Post, a Chicago man has sued Groupon claiming that the expiration dates are illigal.  Evidently, there is state and Federal law that prohibits selling coupons that expire within 5 years.  I'm familiar with that limitation on gift certificates (and now gift cards), but I had not been aware it applied to these types of coupons, as well.  I had wondered about it when I first started buying Groupon type deals and saw that most of them expire within 6 months.  Actually, I think the first one I ever bought expired within about 3 months (which really did annoy me).

Then again, I'm also fully aware that the expiration of the coupon is one of the main selling points for retailers, since it's guaranteed money.  From their point of view, hopefully the number of those who don't redeem the coupons before they expire will be high enough to cover the loss they will have from those who do.

So what do you think? If this becomes a class action suit, would you join in?  Have you bought a Groupon that has expired before you got to use it?

Saving Money at the Grocery Stores: Stockpiling

I have a love-hate relationship with my stockpile. I love it in that I know it has saved me a ton of money (and will continue to save me a ton of money). I hate it because it takes up space and because stockpiling can become a bit addictive.

Here are a few things to remember about stockpiling:

1. Sales come in cycles - My first big mistake in stockpiling was the initial fear that if I didn't get it during THAT sale that I'd never see it on sale again.  I was so wrong.  Sales go in cycles, anywhere from 1 to 3 months. So, don't feel like you have to complete your stockpile on your first trip.

2. Just because you have a coupon doesn't mean you have to use it - The first time I bought coupons online, I bought 30 coupons for Marie Calender's frozen meals on Ebay. I then used ALL of those coupons during one sale at Kroger.  I now have a freezer full of Marie Calender meals all because I felt like I had to use ALL of those coupons.  I've learned.  During the last Kroger Mega sale I again bought coupons (this time for the Campbell's Chunky soup). I bought about 60 coupons (because they were being sold in lots of 20+). We only used 50 of those coupons.  It didn't kill me and I ended up giving the rest of them away.

3. Stockpiles are NOT Built in a Day - When you look at my stockpile (or pictures of other people's stockpiles) the first thought is often "How did they do that?".  It takes a lot of trips over time to build a stockpile like that.  (Well, except for the Gatorade and the soup, which granted is like 1/4 of my stockpile). Start slow and grab only the best deals to add to your stockpile. Don't buy things just because you want to build a stockpile, buy them because they are a good deal AND they will add to your stockpile and save you money later.