Thursday, October 14, 2010

10/14 Target Trip

This trip made me very happy.  First off, I got a $10 gift card for transferring a prescription (coupon was in Sunday's insert, good on transferred or new prescription).  Then I used part of the gift card to purchase the below (so $0 out of pocket).

3 cans of Hunts diced tomatoes (on sale for .82 each)
1 Box of Quaker Life Cinnamon Pecan Soft Baked Bars (on sale for 2.39)

1 Target Coupon for $1 off Quaker Life Bars
$1 off MFC for Quaker Life Bars (received with free sample in the mail)
$1 off 3 Hunts tomatos Target Coupon
.40 off 3 Hunts tomatoes MFC

Total: $1.40

Awesome Deals Today!!!

- Two reams of paper at Office Dept for $1/each (coupon said limit 2, and the cashier tried to just give me discount on one ream...oh no you don't!)

- 3 cans of Hunts diced tomatos at Target for just $1.06 (total)

- Box of Quaker Life Soft Baked Bars at Target for just $.39

- $10 gift card for transferring a prescription to Target (also got said prescription for free thanks to coupon from drug company website)

- 10 Fuze drinks at Kroger for just $4

Yeah I'm liking this couponing, money-saving gig