Thursday, November 25, 2010

WARNING!! Jingle Cash vs Register Rewards (Walgreens)

If you haven't already found out on your own, Jingle Cash is not the same as Register Rewards at Walgreens.  Usually with RR you can "roll" them, meaning you can buy the items, get the register rewards then go back and use those RR to get the same items.  You can't do that with Jingle Cash. 

I found this out the wrong way after heading back to Walgreens to grab seconds of some of the items we'd gotten earlier this morning.  I used my Jingle Cash from the first purchase to pay for the second purchase and because of this I didn't get Jingle Cash for the second set of items.  So, I'll be taking a few things back after the weekend is over.

This really kind of irked me, so if you haven't already made your Walgreens trip this weekend, beware!  That said, my local Walgreens had PLENTY of the items that you can get free via Jingle Cash.  If you don't see them in their usual locations check endcaps or ask a salesperson.  Each of the two Walgreens I went into had them in different places but they had pretty much all of the Jingle Cash items together.