Monday, January 31, 2011

Win a FREE Keurig

Those who know me, know I wouln't survive most mornings without my Keurig, so I'm letting you know about a give-away that I juts found where you can have a chance to win one of your very own..  I love these so much that I helped a guy sell a couple one at Bed, Bath & Beyond last weekend (they never would have been happy with that little Tassimo thing).

So if you are not on board the Keurig train yet, go enter this contest and hopefully we can get you there.

New Coupons Posted on

It's about time (IMO)!

Redplum has quite a few new coupons posted for printing, including....
  • $1 Off Tums
  • .55/1 State Fair product (like corndogs)
  • $1 Off Quaker Oatmeal Squares
  • $1 Off Jimmy Dean fully cooked sausage
  • .75/ 1 Jimmy Dean sausage roll

Spending Goals: January Spending

Our budgeting month officially ended on Thursday, in my household. We run with our payroll on two week cycles (with a month being 4 weeks) and ending on Thursday (with payday being on Friday).

Again, it seemed as though my grocery budget just kept stretching last month and I really don't know where it all came from (although I am starting to think that some of it may have come out of my own cash fund... I'm really not sure).  I seem to be somewhat bad about "donating" my personal cash to other areas of the household (even when they don't need it).  I think it's just habit to reach into that one envelope sometimes; something I need to watch for and work on.

So the rest of the months shopping trips:
  • Target -  $4.31 (for $4.31 worth of groceries - Apples are expensive!)
  • Publix -  $1.8.05 (for 82.53 worth of groceries)
  • Publix -  .45 profit (for $16.90 worth of purchases - my favorite trip ever! Yes, he actually gave me back .45 and I gave him nothing but coupons).
  • CVS - 4.33 (for $51.80 worth of purchases)
  • CVS - $5.94 (for $15.98 worth of purchases)
  • Walgreens - $4.24 (for $25.52 worth of purchases)
  • Rite Aid - .98 (for $8.74 worth of purchases)
End of Month Totals:
Paid: $253.60 for $767.02 worth of purchases
Saved: $568.98 (or 74.18%)

So far I'm not starting the new month out very well.... but that's another story.

Free CoffeeMate Friday

Just a reminder that Friday is Free Flavor Friday and CoffeeMate will be giving away coupons for FREE bottles of CoffeeMate on their Facebook page starting at Noon EST.  So be sure to log in, RSVP and get your coupon!