Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope that all are having a wonderful Money Saving Holiday! I can't wait to take a picture of what I managed to pack into my hubby's stocking for under $25 (I had a hard time fitting it all in there, even).

So what did you do this year to save money on your holiday shopping?

Merry Christmas!!!

Don't Forget Your Sunday Paper

There is a coupon insert in Sunday's paper. This week it is just one, but it's a good one - the Proctor & Gamble insert. For a good idea of what coupons to expect in this insert, click here (or click the image below).

Smart Cookies

While setting up my Tivo to record the upcoming "Extreme Couponing" show, I stumbled across this series - Smart Cookies, on IONLife network.

I wasn't really sure what this show was about the synopsis of the episode that tagged it as something interesting to me including coupon use. I decided to record it and give it a try.

I was pleasantly surprised by the first episode that I saw. Smart Cookies follows the 5 hosts as they give money advice, track down the answers to money tips, find ways to save money and more. The episode that I caught had the hosts finding the answer to whether or not retailers really are allowed to put a minimum on how much you have to spend in order to use a credit card. They also taught two ladies the basics of "playing" the stock market, gave the basics on tipping and had a contest amongst the hosts to see which lady could get the most for free.

If you are reading this blog, this is a show you may want to check out. You may be surprised at what you'll learn in one half hour episode of this show.

The Smart Cookies website

Frugal Fridays

Check out these great links for stories of frugality and ideas to help you save money.


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