Monday, October 4, 2010


I was never a big fan of the stores that required you to have a shopper card to get their "sale" prices, but I got used to it.  Then again I never really shopped the sales until recently.  Now I'm not only realizing that shopping the sales can save big money, but that there are more ways to save when you have a shopper card.

If you have a shopper card, be sure to check the websites for the stores that you have cards for, most of them offer special deals online that may not be advertised in the stores.  One of those "deals" is e-coupons.

E-coupons are coupons that you don't have to print or remember to bring with you to the store, you just go online and sign up and add the coupons to your shopper card and when you purchase those items the coupon amount is automatically deducted.  Kroger has their e-coupons at , you can also sign up for the site Shortcuts and they will add their coupons directly to your card as well.  Be sure to sign up for both Shortcuts and your store coupons.

If you are like us, you may have two different shopper cards for the same store.  My hubby and I got our shopper cards separately, so we have two different accounts.  In that case, you may want to sign each card up for its own account on each of the sites to make sure that you both have all the coupons loaded.

The one downside to e-coupons is remembering what you have coupons for.  You can just go the route of knowing that if you buy one of the items you loaded a coupon for you "should" get the discount and not worry about it (if you aren't a couponer to begin with, at least you'll save something).  Or you can print off a list of the coupons that you've loaded and use that to help guide your shopping trip.

Walgreens Trip: Look What I got for FREE!

5 Nivea Lip Care at .99/each
1 EOS lip balm at $3
1 Schick Hydro 3 Razor at $7.99
1 collage photo print, Free

2 $2/2 Nivea lip care coupons
1 $1/1 Nivea lip care coupon
1 $4/1 Schick Hydro 3 Razor

Paid $6.99

Got $3 RR from purchase of EOS lip care
Got $4 RR from purchase of Schick razor

Total purchase = FREE

I'm going to be using the lip care products as give-aways at a Girls Self-Esteem event we'll be having in a few weeks... and we can always use razors around here.

Free Samples

Free Nivea Lip Balm at Walgreens

Also, while you are at it, there is a coupon in the Oct All You magazine for $1/1 Nivea lip product.  These are on sale at Walgreens this week for .99.  Good luck finding them.

There have also been some online coupons for $2/2 of these products.  I had two of them and stacked them with my $1 coupon from the All You and pretty much cleaned out my local Walgreens.

Free FUZE at Kroger this week

If you have picked up the Oct issue of All You magazine, there is a coupon in it for $1 off 2 Fuze drinks.  Kroger has these drinks on sale this week for .49.... so go pick up a couple.  I know we love these things around here.

And be sure to sign up your Kroger card on the Kroger website.  They have a coupon there for $1/2 Easy Mac cups.  These are also on sale this week for just .49

In order to get the above prices you will have to purchase 10 items from their sale list.  Purchase 10 items and get $5 off your order (or .50 off each item) - the prices listed above are after the discount.  So you won't be able to just walk in and get the freebies unless you have enough coupons to get 10 of them.  You may want to check out Rocket City Savings for the full list (and more matching coupons)