Monday, May 2, 2011

Interview With The Couponer: MrCoupon Nathan Engels

For today's interview I'm talking with Nathan Engels (aka Mr Coupon) from

He's been featured on Extreme Couponers twice (on the original premier and again on the second episode of the new series, and now he's giving us a chance to get to know him better and ask him the hard questions. A few of you even submitted your own questions that we passed on to him.

Katie asks: Why do you have such a huge stockpile?  At what point does stockpiling become hoarding? 
Nathan: When people save for 30, 40 or even 50 years for retirement no one blinks an eye, but if you or I want to save essentially using the same concept on my grocery bill people think it’s odd, LOL.  People ‘hoard’ lots of different things from Christmas decorations they use for 3 weeks out of the year to their kids clothes.  I live by a simple concept, why pay for something tomorrow when its free or cheap today?  So to answer your question, live by you, your measures.  When it gets to be to much, dial it back!

Abed asks: How do you have time to Coupon to that extreme, work, keep the house clean, and spend time with your family?  
Nathan: There is always a method to the madness.  I have a good system, I keep up with it and am very organized.  It does take time, but often times I find myself shopping with my family and making couponing a family affair!

Julie: Do you really shop like this all the time?
Nathan: Oh gosh no!  Reality TV is not reality in most cases!  I generally save 50-70% on my grocery bill each week!

Julie: There has been a lot of controversy over the Extreme Couponing show, overall what affect do you think this show will have / is having on the couponing community?Nathan: We will see.  I feel that anything that raises awareness about saving money is a good thing.  If anything negative happens or a store changes their policy in the next few months I'm sure people will blame the show, and it may well be, but policies have been changing for a long time.  It's not a recent thing.  So we will see the new changes and adjust! 

Julie: If you were to put together a show about couponing yourself, what would it be like?
Nathan: I think it would be alot like Take Home Chef!  There would be alot more focus on LEARNING and tips, that the 'extreme' nature of it.  I do a little YouTube show now called FrugalTV!!  

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