Thursday, January 20, 2011

Free Coffee Samples

I love my Keurig, however the thing that made me love it more was finally figuring out how to use the My K-Cup that came with it.  Ok, I admit it, at first I had no reason to figure it out.  Then my friend sent me some real Guatemalan coffee beans (from Guatemala).  That gift left me in a quandary, first I had to figure out how to grind them, then I had to figure out how to make coffee.  You see the Keurig was the first coffee maker I'd ever owned. I would have no idea how to make coffee in a normal coffeemaker.  I figured it out and soon realized/ remembered that our Tribest Personal Blender has a grinder blade (which I found does grind coffee beans quite nicely).

I've seen a few good FREE coffee samples come across since I started getting free samples. There was the Starbucks Vanilla Fusion, for instance.  But, tonight I decided to really dig and see what I could I find and share, so here you go ... some FREE COFFEE

How I Get Coupons I Need

I've been having so much fun today helping others find coupons they need and getting coupons I need in return.  I told you about a month or so ago. It's run by Nathan Engle (of Extreme Couponing fame).

This site is so awesome for getting tips on upcoming deals, getting preview of sale ads before they are available on the store websites and so much more. But, I think my favorite feature of the site is the Trader's Square.  There are forums there where you can post a RAOK (random act of kindness) to pass coupons on to others (or grab an RAOK from someone else), or TRADE coupons with others who might have what you need, and once you've spent a little time on the forums, you can even jump on a Coupon Train.

I joined my first Coupon Train today.  The idea behind this is just really cool to me.  You fill up an envelope of coupons to send to someone on the train and at the same time someone else on the train is sending you an envelope of coupons.  Then you get your envelope, take out what you want and add a few more and send it to the next person on the Train list.  How cool is that?  And people think snail mail is dying.  I've used more stamps in the last week than I usually use in a month.  But, in return I'm getting some great karma and lots of really great coupons for items I know we will use.

If you haven't checked out WUC yet, I definitely suggest doing so, especially if you are just getting started with couponing.  The articles there will answer your questions and the active members will help you along your way, as well.

CVS Extra Care Members Check Your Email

 I just got another coupon in my email from CVS, this week they sent me a 25% Off coupon good through Sunday.  If you are an Extra Care card holder then be sure to check your email and see if they sent you a coupon too.  Let me know what you got!

This will work out nicely for me with the Clean & Clear, buy $15, get $5ECB deal!

Love The Unexpected UPS Drops

When I saw UPS pull up at my door, I couldn't help but wonder what they could be bringing me. I hadn't ordered anything this week.  What could it possibly be?  Then I opened the door and found an envelope that was obviously a book from ReadItFoward.

It's funny how you sign up for things and forget about them.  That's what happened to me, I'd entered for a copy ofSusan Heyboer O'Keefe's *Frankenstein's Monster*.  I had completely forgotten about it and didn't expect anything to be coming, but there it was waiting on my doorstep.  A brand new book, FREE!

I love my FREE books.  I've gotten about a half dozen from ReadItFoward now.

Oh, and I just checked and there is yet another offer for a FREE book on ReadItFoward's Facebook page (at least the second one this week), so be sure to go enter for all of the FREE books and let me know which ones you get.

Hormel Money Maker at Rite Aid

There is a great money maker on Hormel chili (and other Hormel items) at Rite Aid right now.

Buy 4 Hormel Chili, or Compleats and several other items.

- $1.50 / 3 coupon from Feb. All You (if you have it)
- $1 off Video Value coupon
- $.50/1 Hormel Video Value coupon

= 4/$2
Get back (5) $1+UPs

The first $1+UP is advertised in the weekly cicurlar when you buy 4 of the participating products.  The next (4) $1+UPs are part of a separate unadvertised food items promo.

What You'll Find in Sunday's Paper

This week you can expect to find two coupon inserts in the Sunday paper, 1 Smartsource and 1 Redplum. For a preview of which coupons we can expect in those inserts click here. or click the banner below.