Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Put your photo on Canvas FREE!

Get a free 8x10 canvas of your favorite photo at Canvas People.  Just pay shipping ($14.99).  We ordered one of these a while back when they did this promo and were quite happy with the results.  The quality is great but more than that the customer service at Canvas People makes them worth dealing with even if you aren't getting your item for free.

The picture in the center below is the canvas we previously had done by Canvas People.

If you'd like a larger canvas, they will take $55 off your canvas order.

Get the Deal

For the Gamers on Your List

Amazon is having a great promo right now on many video games & accessories (for all different platforms). Buy 1 video game/accessory Get 1 50% Sale, and many of them are already on sale.

DDR Hottest Party 3 & the DDR Controller are both part of this deal and they are also today's Deal of the Day for just $14.99 & $16.99 respectively. If you don't already have DDR, you'll need the dance pad, which is also part of the B1G1 50% off deal. So you can pick up both for just $24.50. Talk about a great deal for a gift that's perfect for the whole family! Even if you've already got the controller, and you just want Hottest Dance Party 3, this is a great deal (and you can grab one of the other games on the Buy 1 Get 1 50% Sale.

There is a HUGE selection of games on the list for this promo, so if you have a gamer on your Christmas list and you still haven't gotten their game you may want to check Amazon before you head out shopping. There's still time to get it delivered for free with regular Amazon shipping.

Just won another blog giveaway!

Thanks MojoSavings!

I just won MojoSavings Bath & Beauty Giveaway for $100 worth of bath & beauty items (including a nice new cushy soft robe).

This just made my day. Be sure to visit MojoSavings and enter their giveaways for a chance to have your day made too!

SWAG Code on the toolbar!

Don't know what Swag Bucks is?

It's possibly the easiest way to earn free stuff on the web.  All you have to do is sign up for an account and start earning points to get free gift certificates or other stuff.  I used it for just a couple of weeks before I earned my first gift certificate, and I'm halfway to earning another (in under 2 weeks).

Tips for using the search engine.
  • Search like you would normally search on any search engine.
  • Only click links that are what you are looking for.
  • You may have to do a few searches before you earn points. Once you earn points, stop searching, but come back later in the day and search again.  You can usually earn points twice in a day via searching.
  • I use the search box on their toolbar whenever there is a page I'm wanting to go to instead of typing in the web address.  It's an extra click, but it's worth it.

Other ways to earn points
  • You'll earn 1 point each day just for opening your browser (with their toolbar installed).
  • Answer the Daily Poll for another point each day.
  • Fill out surveys and special offers for more points.
  • Tell you friends about Swagbucks, referrals get you points.
  • Special Codes for Swagbucks on the toolbar or in their blog.  Today there is a special code in the messages on the toolbar worth 8pts.
It only takes 450 points to earn a $5 Amazon gift certificate.  I earn an average of 20 points/day just by opening my browser and doing a few searches that I'd do anyway.

Search & Win

Coupon Organizer Version 3.1

Ok, I can't say I'm liking my latest system all that much, but it's a heck of a lot better than version 3.0.

Yesterday I went to Publix with Version 3.0 and I hated it. I couldn't find anything. I may as well have not even taken my organizer with me.  Basically, Version 3.0 was just a 3 ring binder with a bunch of page protector sheets. I'd paperclipped all the like coupons together and then put them into the protector sheets based on category.  Yeah, try finding a specific coupon at the grocery store with that system. It wasn't gonna happen.  Luckily, I'd already pulled out the ones I knew I was going to use, so I just bought those items and didn't bother with anything additional.

Then the mail came and in it were my 3 pocket binder sheets.  I'd ordered mine off of Ebay because they weren't as cheap as they currently are on Amazon.  It figures that if I'd waited a few days I'd get them for half the price.  I spent about 3 hours last night moving all my coupons over to the latest system.  It was a huge pain in the butt and I'm only hoping that when I try to go to the grocery store with it, it's less of a pain.  I still need to go through and put in some dividers so that I can find specific categories easier.  But, I did manage to separate all my coupons so that I can easily see each individual one (3 or more to a page).

The problem I'm seeing with this method is going to be trying to flip through these pages in the store to find specific coupons.  It was not easy even sitting the binder in the seat of the buggy.  I had a feeling that just overall size of the binder was going to be an issue before I gave it a try, and I'm seeing that to be the case.  That said, I'm going to give Version 3.1 a try for a little while, just for lack of a better option.  If I find that I'm still not liking it, my next step is going to be a My Coupon Keeper.  I've seen some reviews for it and they are all good (but then it seems like reviews for every system are good). I was concerned about the size of it, but I emailed and found out if is really about the size of a large recipe box (not a huge file box as it appears), and it just the right size to fit in a buggy seat.  According to the website, it's just 5.5"H x 7.4"W x 8.6", so I'm thinking it may work.  I'm just not willing to spend more money on yet another system, just yet.  I'll give it a few weeks.  But, if the feeling of dread I have at shopping with my current system continues, I will probably have to bite the bullet.

Coupon/Sample Giveaway Winner

According to Random.org.... The Winner is....

Marcia, with the comment:
I follow through google and also receive your daily e-mails at my favittle at ****** account. I appreciate the work bloggers such as yourself do for fellow savers and couponers such as myself. Thank you for the chance to win more coupons! Marcia (mmullikin)

I will be contacting you now for your address (if you see this and don't get the email please email me at drunkitty2000 at yahoo)