Friday, December 17, 2010

Sears 1 Day Only Sale Saturday

Don't miss HUGE 1-Day Only Savings on Electronics @ SEARS the last Saturday before Christmas 12/18 - EXTRA 10% off regular, sale and clearance Electronics with code EXTRA10WISHES (see site for details)!

1-Day Only! $163 off Zenith 42" Class Plasma TV $386.99 Final Price with code EXTRA10WISHES 12/18

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Free Excedrin

Login to and request to have coupons mailed to you for free Excedrin PM and Excedrin Migraine.

Just click on the section for "Health Care" products and you'll see the Excedrin offer(s) listed among the coupons (should be on the first page of Health Care coupons).

$5 Video on Demand Credit for purchasing MP3 Music on Amazon is running a special promo right now on their MP3 Music. If you purchase an album or a playlist of $7.99 or more on Amazon MP3 you will receive a $5.00 promotional code towards eligible Amazon Video On Demand movie and TV purchases. For more details, check out this page

MP3 Music Downloads on

Since Amazon offers new VOD movies each week for just .99, this could mean 5 free rentals from Amazon VOD.

Hot Deal at Walgreens 12/19

Starting 12/19 at Walgreens there's a hot deal on Tissue, Tags & Bows - just .69 each with in-ad coupon

- 20 Hallmark sheet tissue
- 24 pk Fantus Gift Tags
- 25 pk Berwick Bows

Free Christmas Downloads

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I have a serious issue with Christmas music. It's become somewhat of a joke among some of my friends, and an annoyance to others as I've constantly posted a Christmas SOTD on Facebook for the last 3 weeks. However, I don't have a thing for any old Christmas music; while I do love some of the classics, mostly I like my Christmas music with a modern twist.

This year I am LOVING the freebie album from Target (which includes all the Christmas songs they are using in their ads this year). It has some really new and unique songs that are right up my alley.

-Free Christmas album from Target

And, of course, Amazon has TONS of free Christmas downloads..

Lowe's Gift-A-Thon

It has begun, if you missed the great deals during Thanksgiving week, you have another chance. Lowe's is doing a Last Minute Gift-A-Thon on Facebook. Like Lowe's on Facebook and then pay attention all day today (the key is pay attention) to their posts. Throughout the day (and throughout the weekend) they will be posting deals. When you see them post a deal you have to act fast, only the first X number of people who respond to the deal will get the coupon code for 90% off the deal item. The next giveaway today is expected to be sometime around or after 3pm EST.

Click Here to Like Lowe's on Facebook

Grocery Prices Rising, Have You Noticed?

According to this article, grocery prices have risen 1.5 time the rate of inflation this last year and are expected to rise 4% next year. I can't say I've noticed. Maybe it's because we are an area where prices seem to be lower overall, or maybe it's because while grocery prices were rising I was just beginning my efforts to really cut our grocery bill by shopping sales and using coupons.

The first couple of months that we started this I sat down after every grocery trip and added all the prices of all the items we bought into a spreadsheet. This was my effort to learn of one grocery chain really had higher prices than the other; Kroger vs Publix. What I learned was that the answer was "not really". On some items, yes Publix runs higher regularly, but then on some items Kroger runs higher. Oddly, however, I found that their regular prices on the items that are staples in our house were basically the same (within pennies, if not identical). So I stopped worrying about it.

Now, I just shop the sales and use coupons (religiously), for the staples I just grab them at whichever store I am at when I need that item (if I remember). That's probably been the one downside about shopping sales so much, I often forget to grab the milk that I'm out of.

So, what about it? Have you noticed an increase in grocery prices?

It's Friday and that means Mega SwagBucks Day

Friday is Mega Swagbucks Day, that means instead of the usual 10ish (give or take a few) Swagbucks that you earn for doing searches, you could earn as many as 20 swagbucks just for searching the web.

Search & WinWhy do I keep harping on about Swagbucks? Maybe because just by doing stuff I was already doing I've earned $15 in Amazon gift cards in the last 6 weeks. I just checked my "ledger" and found that I joined Swag Bucks on Nov. 2. I earned my first gift card the week of Thanksgiving and have earned two more this week. What was the source of the big jump?

I learned something new that earns me Swag Bucks. I'd already become a big fan of daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social. Groupon just launched in my city a little over a week ago and we've already had some awesome deals. Living Social also has some great deals. It was purely on accident, however, that I discovered that you can earn some MAJOR Swag Bucks for buying these deals, deals that I was going to buy anyway. So now I not only get half off my meals thanks to Living Social and Groupon, but by going through the Swag Bucks sites to grab these deals I get an additional 280 Swag Bucks (it only takes 450 SBs to grab a $5 Amazon gift card).

I would have earned 1 this week regardless of the major bucks I earned from the daily deals, but instead of just one I've earned 2!