Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Coupons for the New Year

Coupons.com has a bunch of new coupons available, that you'll want to be sure to print.  The BOGO Stayfree coupon will mean FREE Stayfree at Rite Aid next week, and be sure to print that coupon for the Mars Valentines Candy as that should start seeing some good sales pretty quick.

HUGE Prescription Savings @ CostCo

One of my plans to cut our costs going into the new year was to reduce the amount we pay on prescriptions. I have quite a few and my insurance is funky, which means that I pay for my prescriptions up front and then get reimbursed for 80% of the cost.  You'd think this little fact would have been enough to make me shop around a long time ago but I really didn't think there was much of a difference on prescription prices.

My original plan had been to determine whether CVS or Rite Aid had the better deal since they bother offer Rewards programs that would give me a little back.  However, after calling them both I found they wasn't much of a difference.  Then I called Publix and found there wasn't much difference there either.  At some point in this process I thought to call CostCo.  We are members there and have the Executive Membership (which pays you back 2% of what you spend at the end of the year - the minimum pay back is the $50 upcharge fee for the Executive Membership - so there's really no reason NOT to upgrade).

I didn't even have to call CostCo, they have the prices for most of their prescriptions listed ONLINE!  Who knew?! I sure didn't.  I clicked around and found the prices for some of my highest priced prescriptions and quickly found that I would be saving a ton by going to them.  On one prescription alone the price was cut from around $200/mo to about $100/mo (50%!).  Most of the others didn't have savings that were nearly as high but they were still savings.  So I loaded up my prescriptions and headed to CostCo.  I had 6 that needed filled very soon, 3 of which would normally run me about $500.  My total for 6 prescriptions came in at $378!

Then add to that that we will get 2% back at the end of the year, and just on prescriptions alone we'll get back a check worth around $100.

Pace Deal Still Available @ Publix

The Pace Salsa deal that I posted about last week is still available at Publix. I'm not sure how long it will be around but when I stopped in today they still had Pace Salsa BOGO @ $2.79.

There is a .60/2 Manufacturer Q plus print 2 of the .50/1 coupons from Target.

Grand Total: 2 jars for $1.10

SlimFast Deal at Publix

Today is the last day to grab this deal but it's worth going for.  Publix has 6 packs of Slim Fast on sale for $4.79.  There was a coupon in the Sunday paper, for B2 packs get 1 Multipack of Slimfast bars FREE.  On top of this, I found peelies on Slimfast multipacks for $2/1

Grand Total = $5.58 for 2 6packs of shakes + 1 pack of bars

Money Saving Tip: Create A Plan for Leftovers

If you are like us, it's a common thing to have a small amount of leftover vegetables at the end of a meal. It's usually not enough to serve for a second meal (or maybe it is) but it's enough that you don't want to just throw it out.  Too often those veggies just sit in our fridge until a week or so later I finally throw them out because they are too old to use.

Once upon a time I found an answer to this dilemma and I need to put it back into practice. 

What I would do is keep a reusable container in the freezer (Tupperware or Ziploc bowl), at the end of each meal instead of putting the leftover veggies in a new container each time, I would just add the latest batch of leftover veggies to the existing "pot" of leftovers.  Then when I was ready to make vegetable soup, I was ready to go.  Not only did it expand the variety of veggies in my soup, but it cut down on the waste of food in our house and therefore our food costs.

Of course, this doesn't have to be limited to just veggies, you can include rice, pasta or anything else you like to put in your soup.