Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Money Saving Tip: Create A Plan for Leftovers

If you are like us, it's a common thing to have a small amount of leftover vegetables at the end of a meal. It's usually not enough to serve for a second meal (or maybe it is) but it's enough that you don't want to just throw it out.  Too often those veggies just sit in our fridge until a week or so later I finally throw them out because they are too old to use.

Once upon a time I found an answer to this dilemma and I need to put it back into practice. 

What I would do is keep a reusable container in the freezer (Tupperware or Ziploc bowl), at the end of each meal instead of putting the leftover veggies in a new container each time, I would just add the latest batch of leftover veggies to the existing "pot" of leftovers.  Then when I was ready to make vegetable soup, I was ready to go.  Not only did it expand the variety of veggies in my soup, but it cut down on the waste of food in our house and therefore our food costs.

Of course, this doesn't have to be limited to just veggies, you can include rice, pasta or anything else you like to put in your soup.

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