Saturday, May 7, 2011

We Really Needed Razors Trip

My husband has a skin condition that requires him to use a new razor head every day, this gets expensive so when I find them on sale, I stock up.  As luck would have it, every drugstore had a deal on BIC razors this week, and there were lots of good coupons.  I basically missed the deal at Publix last week but I got a raincheck and I'm saving my $3/1 Qs to go with that, for the best deal. 

Today, I hit up CVS (two stores) and stocked up, using up my $2/1 coupons before they expire tomorrow.  Whenever I see these sales on the 4 packs I always try to find the bonus packs that give you 2 extras, for an even better deal.  Today, I was able to find 6 of these bonus packs (between 2 stores).

Trip 1

  • 1 All Small & Mighty @ $4.99
  • 1 BIC Comfort 3 (8ct) @ $8.79
  • 3 BIC Comfort ME @ $5.79

-$2.90 (B1 Get 1 50% Off)
-$2.90 (B1 Get 1 50% Off)
-(4) $2/1 BIC Coupons
-(1) $1/1 ALL Coupon
-$5/30 CVS coupon
-$9 in ECBs
= Total $2.14 (after tax)

Trip 2
3 BIC Comfort (8ct) @ $7.99
2 BIC Comfort Advanced @ $6.99
1 BIC Comfort ME @ $5.49
7 Russel Stover Easter Candies @ $.35
1 Dr. Pepper @ $1.59
-$4 (B1 Get 1 50%)
-$3.50 (B1 Get 1 50%)
-$2.75 (B1 Get 1 50%)
- (6) $2/1 BIC coupons
- (1)$1/1 BIC coupon*
= Total $27.21 (after tax)

* I only gave her the 6 $2/1 coupons, the $1/1 was a peelie on one of the packages that she took off and scanned, without my knowledge.

I did also earn a $1ECB on the first trip, but I'd left it in the car at the second store.  Typing this out I'm realizing how much of a price difference there is at the two different stores I went to, which are about 8 miles apart.

Kroger Bans Stacked Coupons

I posted a couple of months ago about how Kroger had changed its policy that previously allowed you to use a digital coupon (on your Kroger card) at the same time as a paper coupon, now they are taking things a step further.  Kroger has recently announced that they will no longer allow any stacking of manufacturer and store coupons (even if both are paper).  They have changed their software so that the the computers no longer allow more than one coupon for any given item.

Digital coupons are now being processed first (and do not double), so if you have digital coupons loaded on your card you may need to remove them before you head out to shop (if you have paper coupons you'd rather use). However, this article is the first I'd heard (or read) about a change to allowing you to stack two paper coupons (with one being a store and the other a manufacturer coupon).

I've even heard reports that some stores (or the computers within) won't allow you to use a BOGO coupon with a $/1 coupon (basically attaching the BOGO coupon to both items).

 Just yesterday, I received a packet of Kroger store coupons in the mail that I was very excited about stacking with manufacturer coupons.  Now, I'm not so sure I will be able to (unless I take them to Publix).  I'd love to hear your experiences with Kroger since their policies began changing a few months ago.  Have you noticed any changes beyond the earlier noted changes to stacking digital coupons with paper?