Monday, April 4, 2011

$10 Itunes Bonus from Coinstar

Coinstar has another bonus going right now.  If you cash in $40 worth of coins at a Coinstar location and opt to get an Itunes gift code instead of cash, they will give you a code for an extra $10 credit at Itunes.  So cash in $40 worth of coins for an Itunes eCertificate and get a $50 Itunes eCertificate!

Major Email Lists Comprimised

I've gotten at least 5 different emails today from companies whose email lists I'm subscribed to letting me know that their email list provider (Epsilon) has been compromised.  Two of the big ones that got hit: Target & Walgreens.

What this means? If it's just the email list, probably just an increase in the spam I'll get (and you'll get if you were subscribed to their email lists).  According to the emails I received it was just email addresses.  Here's an excerpt from the email I got from Walgreens:
On March 30th, we were informed by Epsilon, a company we use to send emails to our customers, that files containing the email addresses of some Walgreens customers were accessed without authorization.

We have been assured by Epsilon that the only information that was obtained was your email address. No other personally identifiable information was at risk because such data is not contained in Epsilon's email system.
 The rest of the email was just a reminder of basic email security, not giving out your credit card info, ignoring scams, etc.

Extreme Couponing: Have you Set Your DVR Yet?

I was just looking to double check when the new series of Extreme Couponing airs, and low and behold I realized I hadn't set my Tivo yet to record it! EEK!

So, if you are a procrastinator like me, be sure to set your DVR (or vcr, if you are old school) to record Extreme Couponing on TLC.

The first two new episodes of the new series will premier Wednesday 4/6 at 9PM EST

9PM - "J'aime & Tiffany" J'aime plans to use her coupons to get $2000 worth of groceries for around $100; Tiffany and her husband rethink their coupon strategy.

9:30PM - "Rebecca & Jessica" Rebecca plans to fit her party into her monthly food budget; Jessica plans on 18 separate transactions to buy more than $600 worth of groceries.

If you missed the original Extreme Couponing show that originally aired last December, you can catch it at 8PM and if you can't catch the 9PM airings of these shows, not to worry, they will re-air at 11pm & 11:30pm EST as well as again on April 10 at 9 & 11:30pm EST.

$5 Off $40 at CVS

Head over to CVS' Facebook page and like them (if you haven't already) and then just enter your ECB cardholder info and they'll provide you with a $5/40 coupon that you can print off and take into CVS and use.