Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Soup A Chef (Blender/ Soup Maker) Deal

I saw a commercial for this a while back and have been trying to find it ever since (I couldn't remember what it was called), I think this is just a cool idea.

KGB Deals has the Soup-A-Chef for $79 (plus shipping).  However, Amazon is currently running it for $90.23 and it's illegible for prime shipping.

If you haven't heard of the Soup-a-Chef, it blends, it sautes, it cooks your soup all in one.

Improve Yourself For Free

Here are a bunch of FREE e-books for self-improvement. Just be sure to double check the price before you purchase, as it may change.

How to sleep well (52 Brilliant Little Ideas) - "How to sleep well is the indispensable guide to indentifying and dealing with sleep problems so readers can get the sleep they deserve. Packed with down-to-earth, simple and effective advice, How to sleep well will help you take control of your sleep patterns and problems and make sure you get all the high-quality shut-eye you need. "

101 Fitness Myths - "101 Natural Weight Training Myths is a unique fitness book for novices-whether they're new to the gym or have been working
out religiously for years and are frustrated by lack of results. This book
is about individual empowerment. You don't need an expensive personal
trainer or fancy machines, just dedication, basic equipment, and the solid
scientifically based information in this book."

What's Next . . . For You? - "What's Next.For You? is the incredible story of Robert and Patricia Gussin, two retirees who watched with glee as long, successful careers in science and medicine gave way to writing, publishing, and winemaking.Much more than a memoir and anything but a how-to-start-a-business manual, What's Next.For You? is a clear, easy-to-understand guide to reinventing yourself from real experts-two people who did it themselves and lived to tell the glorious tale."

Be creative (52 Brilliant Little Ideas) - "With insider shortcuts and secrets garnered from careers at the forefront of creative design and innovation, Rob Bevan and Tim Wright show you how you to unlock your inner creative streak and reveal your innovative side. Packed with tips and techinques to try and be inspired by, Be creative will help you look at the world in a whole new light. "

The Feel Good Factory on The Body Beautiful - "The Feel Good Factory on The Body Beautiful contains simple, no-nonsense ideas to help you tone up, fight the flab and achieve your ideal figure. In thirty practical and down-to-earth chapters you'll discover the secrets to shifting those unwanted pounds and firming up your problem areas. You'll find quizzes which point you in the right direction, instant 'feel good now' tips that you can put into practice straightaway and helpful question and answer sections. You'll also discover what top-notch celebs do to stay in shape (hey, they pay big money for all those personal trainers so why not have a go at some of their advice!). With a few minutes a day spent trying some of the techniques in this book you'll be able to feel gorgeous on the inside as well as the outside. Become a sexier and more confident you! "

Stress Less Every Day - Simple Tips to Beat Stress! - "Vanquish Stress NOW!
Everyone experiences it.For some it's an occasional thing. For others, it's all-consuming.Allowing stress to remain in your life is a very, very dangerous practice.
Want to learn how to live a stress-free life? Does a healthy lifestyle sound good to you? Reducing stress may reduce your risk from the ravages of heart disease and other serious medical problems.You must take control of your stress

I Forgive You: Why You Should Always (The Path of Forgiveness) - "We all will get hurt in life; unfortunately, oftentimes it’s by the people we love the most. “I Forgive You: Why You Should Always – The Path of Forgiveness Book 1” explains why it so important to forgive everyone; it’s for your own personal benefit. Without forgiveness, you are hindering your own life in ways you may not understand. This first installment of a three-book path toward complete and total forgiveness explains why no matter what happens…you should always forgive, and we will show you why and how. If you are ever going to truly forgive and release the hurt from your past, you must first understand why it’s so important to do it. "

Defeat depression (52 Brilliant Ideas) - "Defeat depression tackles this greatly misunderstood condition head on with over 50 inspirational ideas from a psychiatrist who struggled with and overcame depression as a young adult. Defeat depression offers a real insight into the condition with practical, tried and tested techniques to help people overcome their feelings of despair or melancholy. Whether for you, or someone close to you who is suffering, the advice within this book will prove invaluable. "

Good health (52 Brilliant Ideas) - "Our attitudes to our health and lifestyle are changing as the media focuses on the rise in obesity, drink problems and drug addiction. In Good health life coach and nutritionist Kate Cook has some inspiring ideas to make small but life-changing steps towards healthier and happier lives. "

Faking Smart! Get Hired, Get Promoted and Become a V.P. in Six Short Weeks - GUARANTEED! - "Faking Smart! is a book that will astound, enlighten and terrify any person willing to approach the job market from a new angle. Faking Smart! shows you how to get hired, get promoted and become a VP, in six short weeks – GUARANTEED! That's right, in six short weeks you'll have everything any low-level corporate executive could ever wish for - unlimited horizontal job potential! "

Help! I want to change my life (52 Brilliant Little Ideas) - "Help! I want to change my life is the indispensable guide to identifying and dealing with all the things in life that can get you down and make you feel lost. Packed with down-to-earth, simple and effective advice Help! I want to change my life will help you take control of your life and make sure you get to where you want to be, on your own terms. Help! I want to change my life is compact, inspiring to read and fantastic value. "

Web Rehab: How to give up your Internet addiction without giving up the Internet.
- "Whether you feel the Internet has taken over your life, or you're just having trouble not checking your phone for messages every couple of minutes, "Web Rehab" can help you get back in charge of how you use the Internet.Based on Mark's own experiences beating Internet addictions and OCD through Exposure & Response Prevention therapy, "Web Rehab" blends proven, evidence-based techniques with the helpful insights that only a recovered addict can provide on how to implement change successfully amidst all of the dynamic pressures and systems we interact with every day. "

The Lazy Winner - "The Lazy Winner is for all those who simply want to do more with less effort and succeed in their working and personal lives without rushing around like headless chickens or putting in 100 hour weeks. We are all too good to put our careers and work—life balance at risk by working too hard! The Lazy Winner builds on the concept of ‘productive laziness’, developed in Peter Taylor’s bestselling The Lazy Project Manager, which encourages people to apply more thought before leaping in to action and throwing effort at a problem or task. With better planning readers can ensure that they are Lazy Winners and achieve success in what they do at work and in life—more impressive results with the minimum of effort. "

Confidence Secrets For Women. - "Look Confident, Feel Beautiful - Confidence Secrets for Women.

Confidence has 2 facets: Internal Confidence and External Confidence."