Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prepare & E-File Your Return for FREE

If you haven't yet filed your simple tax return these two promos are still available that allow you to prepare, print & file your simple return for free. If you are doing itemized or something beyond a standard return you'll probably need to purchase a different version, but since most folks file the simple return there's really no need to pay to prepare it or e-file it.  (Remember back in the olden days when you had to pay good money to have someone e-file it? And stand in line? Uphill? Both ways... with no shoes!?)

H&R Block Free Edition - Free to prepare, print, and e-file! It's easy and guaranteed to be accurate! 

TurboTax Free Edition - Guides you to your Maximum Refund! Prepare, print, e-file FREE! 

My suggestion - try doing the process on both and see which one gives you the better return before you hit submit.  Chances are that they are pretty similar overall and should be pretty close on the numbers.  If not, I'd question if one is missing some key info either in their process or in the numbers you entered. 

Quiznos Coupon

Click here to print a coupon for a Quizno's Prime Rib sub for just $2.99. Sounds like lunch to me!

Sunday Coupon Preview

It seems like the Sunday Coupon Preview early list has been short by 1 insert every week.  It looks like this week is no different.  We initially expected no inserts for this week, but it looks like there will be 1 after all; a Redplum insert.  That said, after looking at the list of expected coupons I don't really see anything that is going to have me running out for a paper this week.  Do you see any Qs that light your fire?

The "Could This Cashier Be Any Slower" Trip

Went to Walgreens today to pick up some free deodorant and cheap body wash, while using my Register Rewards from last week.  I grabbed what I needed pretty quick, but the cashier could not have been much slower (which worked to make me late for my hair appointment).  It took me 15 minutes to check out because this woman felt the need to read every single coupon before attempting to scan it.  I had 3 "Buy Olay BW, get Secret Deo Free" coupons to go with the 3 Olay Body Wash for $10 (and get a $3RR) deal.  Each time she rang one of these coupons it was like she got totally confused and couldn't grasp that they were the same thing she'd just rang and therefore the prices were the same.  I wanted to climb over the counter and ring the sale for her.

Anyway, here's how things ended up....

3 Olay Body Wash (@ 3/$10 )
4 Dove Visible Care Body Wash (@ $2 each)
2 Secret deo (@ $2.99 each)
1 Secret twin pack (@$4 each)
2 Halls cough drops (@ $2.29 each)
2 Snickers peanut butter (@.49 each)
1 Milky Way Dark (@ .49 each)

Used the following coupons
In Ad Q  - Halls .99 each
(1)$2 Off Olay body wash
(3) Buy Olay bw Get Secret deo free
(1) BOGO halls (-$2)
(1) BOGO Snickers peanut butter
(4) $1 Off Dove Visible Care
(1)$1 Off Secret

$11 in Register Rewards
Total (including $2.51 in tax): $4.47 (got back $3 RR)

HOT New Coupons

There are several hot new coupons on

FREE Dinner for 4 at EarthFare

Join Earth Fare's new Welcome Home program and get a FREE dinner for 4.  Click here to join.

The FREE Dinner is with a $10 purchase and includes the following:
 - 16oz container of Rustic mashed potatoes from the deli
- 16oz bag of baby carrots from produce
- Fresh whole chicken (prepacked from meat dept)
- 1Box Earth Fare Veggie Burgers (from freezer)

50% Off at FTD Just in time for Valentines Day

Groupon has a great National deal today for 50% Off at FTD.  Get $40 worth of flowers, gifts & more for just $20.  This deal is available under Huntsville AL (as well as many other cities), however it's a National deal so you don't need to be in those cities to use it. Get the deal.

Even if you've already got Valentines Day handled, this may be a good one to grab on to for Mother's Day!

20% Off at

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