Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prepare & E-File Your Return for FREE

If you haven't yet filed your simple tax return these two promos are still available that allow you to prepare, print & file your simple return for free. If you are doing itemized or something beyond a standard return you'll probably need to purchase a different version, but since most folks file the simple return there's really no need to pay to prepare it or e-file it.  (Remember back in the olden days when you had to pay good money to have someone e-file it? And stand in line? Uphill? Both ways... with no shoes!?)

H&R Block Free Edition - Free to prepare, print, and e-file! It's easy and guaranteed to be accurate! 

TurboTax Free Edition - Guides you to your Maximum Refund! Prepare, print, e-file FREE! 

My suggestion - try doing the process on both and see which one gives you the better return before you hit submit.  Chances are that they are pretty similar overall and should be pretty close on the numbers.  If not, I'd question if one is missing some key info either in their process or in the numbers you entered. 

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