Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Publix Sale Preview & Coupon MatchUps

Passionate Penny Pincher is on the ball and she's already posted the Publix Sale Preview and coupon matchups for this week's sale starting on Wednesday. Be sure to check it out to see what the deals are and what coupons you may still want to print to make for better deals.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Interview With The Couponer: 247 Mama

In today's Interview With a Couponer,  I'm interviewing 247 Mama from Carter Chaos.

How long have you been couponing? What got you started?
Since January. I saw a few blogs that got me excited about couponing! I had couponed before but never like this- price match ups, etc.

Why do you feel couponing is important? What has it allowed your family to do?
God gives us stewardship over money. It's our "job" to be good stewards financially. We are tweaking our budget and have a vacation planned soon.

What has been your favorite coupon deal?
I love getting free items like pasta & butter!

How large is your family? What is your grocery budget and has it changed since you started couponing?
We are a family of 4. I'm still tweaking our budget but we are right about $100 a week for household/ groceries. I'd like to get it down to $50-$75. I know it's doable!

Are you teaching your children the value of couponing?
Yes! They are both getting very familiar with the terms and phrases. My 6 yr old is helping me in the store and she is learning about saving money.

Do you stockpile? If so, where do you keep it?
Yes! We live in an older home and are blessed with TONS of storage! A pantry in our bathroom, one in the kitchen, and a large laundry room holds my stockpile.

Are there any products you've tried because of a coupon that have become regular purchases for you?
So many! I was very "brand" snobby before. Now I am trying all different products, and I have been pleasantly surprised! I am loving Purex Crystals and Glade Sense & Spray right now!

Have you been watching Extreme Couponing? If so, what do you think about the show? What impact do you think it will have on couponing, if any?
I have watched a couple of episodes. I'm concerned that there will be a negative impact. Like many reality shows, it just isn't realistic. I fear many newbies will have impossible couponing goals. I also worry about stores making tougher coupon policies and a shift in coupon values due to the show.

What one item are you guilty of buying too much of?
Deodorant! My husband and I both have TONS! I now have a list in my coupon binder of "Items to only buy if FREE!" Amazingly I keep getting it free though!

If you could give one bit of advice to new couponers, what would it be?
Organize, organize, organize! You don't have to start with a binder but at least begin with an accordian file. You want to carry them with you and be able to quickly put your hands on the coupon you need!

Be sure to get to know 247 Mama better on her blog and Facebook

Blog- http://carterchaos-ecarter.blogspot.com/
Twitter- http://twitter.com/#!/247mama

Sweet Cutlery Deal - Today Only

Get this great cutlery deal for just $24.95 shipped!

10 Piece Cutlery Prep Set
This Farberware 10 Piece Cutlery Prep Set is ready to handle all of your cutting and chopping food preparation needs! Each knife in the set is quality-crafted from high-carbon stainless steel for strength and durability and features ergonomically designed handles for a comfortable grip. Set includes: 4-1/2 inch Santoku knife, 6 inch Santoku knife, 8 inch chef's knife, 5 inch utility knife, 3 inch paring knife, 8x10 inch polypropylene cutting board with nonslip accents, poultry shears, bent shears, kitchen shears, and household shears. Cutting board is dishwasher safe; all other items are hand wash only.

 Click Here to get this deal today only

GiveAway Reminder - Maui Volcano Oil Ends Tuesday

Don't forget to get your entry in for the giveaway for Maui Excellent Volcano Oil.  This stuff is awesome for muscle or joint aches and pains.  I can't say enough good stuff about it.  You can read my full review and enter the giveaway here.

Today's Free Android App on Amazon AppStore

If you haven't already downloaded the Amazon Appstore to your Android phone, be sure to do so. Then check there daily for a new free (premium) app. These are apps that usually have a cost, but for that day only they are free.

Today's free app is a great one if you are wanting to lose weight, or just track your weight/ exercise or calories.

Cardio Trainer Pro is an awelsome little app with several free plugins to help you track your workouts.  It even acts as a pedometer to help you track your walks/runs whether on a treadmill, on a track, or just outside on the road or on trails.  When you download the original free app (which you will be prompted to do), you'll find that it sets up daily reminders for your workouts, encouraging you to keep on your plan.  Then be sure to add Calorific to track calorie intake and set those goals.  I started using this app as soon as I downloaded it and already used it to monitor my treadmill walk.  The accuracy is not perfect (as far as your speed and end time), but the end result was pretty much spot on.  This is one app I'm happy I came across and even if it wasn't free, it would be worth paying for.

No Coupons Today!

Don't go running out and getting stressed that you can't find coupons in the papers today, there aren't any! Typically, holiday weekends are coupon free. This makes me sad, but next week should make up for it with the likelihood of at least 3 inserts (it should be P&G week).

Friday, May 27, 2011

Earn $30 Groupon Bucks for Referring Friends

Right now, Groupon is offering quite a deal for referring your friends, you can get $30 in Groupon credits for each friend you refer (3x what they normally give).  So this is a good time to share your referral link on Facebook and email your mom about them :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Know Your Policies

I've worked my way up to shopping 5 different store when the sales are right.  I've been shopping at Kroger, Schnucks, CVS, Walgreens and Wal Mart.  I haven't had any major issues with any of those stores until yesterday.  Wouldn't you know it, my problem was at Wal Mart.  Before I go to any store, I make sure that I know their couopn policies, and in Wal Mart's case, their new Ad Match Policy. I've also made it a point to carry a copy of their policy with me in the envelope that I carry my coupons in for that stores trip.

I've been taking advantage of Wal Mart's Ad Match Guarantee a lot lately.  Unless I get to the drug stores first thing Sunday morning, the sale items that I want, are usually gone by the time I get there on Tuesday (which is when I used to do my drug store shopping.)

Yesterday, I wanted to Ad Match the Buy 1 at $2.99 Get One Free Oscar Mayer hot dogs that were in this weeks Walgreens ad.  On Wal Mart's corporate website, it specifically states that they will match "Buy one, get one free ads with a specified price."  Even though its no longer required, I still bring in the competitor's ad with me, because my Wal Mart still doesn't take your word on the Ad Match.

I do my shopping, get up front and get ready to check out.  I put my ad match items at the end so she could scan the rest of the order first and then we could go over my ad matches. (I was also matching the Purex that was on sale at CVS for $1.99, doing that plus my $1/1 Q made those .99 each!) The Purex goes off without a hitch, but when I pulled out the Walgreens ad and tried to get her to do the match on the hot dogs, the cashier wasn''t sure how to ring it up, so she found a manager that was close by to help her.  The "zone manager" Monica came over and told me that I couldn't do that ad match and that it was on the sign at the register. (It wasn't.)

So out came my trusty Ad Match Policy from their own corporate website, and I tried to show her it.  She looked at me and was like I have no idea where you got that (My answer walmartstores.com, your corporate website) but we don't do that type of ad match, we never have, we never will.  I then asked her if she was fully trained on the new policy, because in this case she was incorrect.  She insisted that she was fully and properly trained and that I was in the wrong.  Mind you, I kept my cool through out this whole thing.  It's really important to stay calm when you are challenging management.  If you coupon in a store for a period of time, they know who you are.  You always want good relationships with the management and clerks of the stores you shop at.  Having an adversarial relationship with a store won't make your couponing easier.  Unfortunately, with the hype that couponing has gotten recently due to the TLC show, couponers as a group are being scrutinized even closer.  As long as we are ethical and are doing everything right, there's no reason to be made to feel bad or even embarrassed to use our coupons and build our stockpiles.

I took note of her name and let her know that I would be calling corporate to inquire about this.  She told me "You go ahead and do that ma'am."   I paid for my order and left the store.  I got the number for Wal Mart's Corporate Customer Service (800-925-6278 and its programmed into my phone now too!) and called.  The customer service agent I got on the phone was kind, courteous and even sympathetic.  I explained to her exactly what had happened and also the general attitude of the manager Monica.  She said that she was sorry and that I was correct regarding the Ad Match policy.  She also apologized for Monica's defensive attitude, and then took my name and number so that a member of management could call me about my situation.

I figured it would be a few days if ever before I got a call from upper management.  Imagine my shock when an hour and a half later, I got a call from Julie, an assistant manager at my local store.  She let me know that she spoke with Monica regarding my Ad Match, and that I was correct regarding my Ad Match.  Julie also let me know that the cashier was also told that this type of ad match could be done also.  She was very apologetic about the general attitude I had gotten while trying to discuss the policy with Monica.

So the moral to this story is this:

1. Always read and know your store's policies.
2. Keep a printed copy of the policy with you when you are shopping a specific store.
3. Keep your cool if you are being told you aren't able to do something, when you know that you are in the right.
4. Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe is correct.  You'd be amazed at how many cashiers and even managers are not educated on their own store's policies.
5. Don't be afraid to call the corporate or district office for a resolution.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Don't Forget - Memphis Area Free 3 month Pink Palace Museum Membership

I just got this deal in my inbox this morning!  Every summer the Pink Palace Family of Museums offers a FREE 3 month membership that's good for unlimited access to the Pink Palace Museum and the Lichterman Nature Center.  You also are eligible for discounted tickets on IMAX and Planetarium tickets too.  I took my kids last summer and they had a blast! Go HERE to register, registration is May1-31.  They also have a Summer Membership FAQ section also for any questions that you might have.  Don't miss out on this!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick Review: Yoplait Greek Yogurt

I've been trying out various Greek Yogurts lately, trying to find one that I really like.  I posted an opportunity a couple of months ago for you to get a coupon for a free cup of Yoplait Greek Yogurt, I hope you took that opportunity.  I did.

I finally cashed in my coupon yesterday.  Having gotten burned by at least one Greek yogurt in the past, I only bought one cup (just in case) and I tried it this morning.

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised.  Yoplait Greek Yogurt is a "fruit on the bottom" style yogurt, so I opened it up and mixed the blueberry from the bottom into the rest of the yogurt, then I tasted.  WOW!  It was really good and didn't have that really sharp bitter taste that many Greek yogurts have.  It was actually sweet and creamy, everything a good yogurt should be!  Tasting it, I thought for sure that the sugar content would be higher in this yogurt than in the other Greek yogurts I'd tried, but it wasn't.  It's just 20 grams of sugar and 25 total carbs (most others I've seen are closer to 30 sugars).  With just 150 calories and 0 fat, that's a nice combination, and did I mention the 14grams of protein!  This is good stuff.  I think I finally found a Greek yogurt that tastes good, is good for me, AND that won't break the bank!

Father's Day Gift Idea

Cross Pens make great gifts for Father's Day or even for graduation (if you've got a late one coming up).

Get free standard shipping and 20% off Cross pens and accessories by using the discount code “SHOPCROSS” on cross.com

Monday, May 23, 2011

$5 for $20 Worth of Smart Phone Cases

Today's EverSave deal is $10 for $20 worth of Smart Phone cases from Case-Mate.  If you are new to EverSave, however, you'll get an instant $5 credit when you sign up that will make this deal even better, knocking it down to just $5!

Rare $1 Off Fresh Express Salad Coupon

Head over to Facebook and grab this one before it's gone.  This is even better than what they sent me when I emailed for coupons.  "Like" Fresh Express on Facebook and snag a $1/1 bagged salad coupon.

Born This Way - Only $.99 on Amazon

Get Lady Gaga's new album "Born This Way" downloaded for just $.99 on Amazon.com, today only.  I'm not a huge Lady Gaga album but I do like a couple of her songs and for $.99, I'll give any album a try (especially when I earned that $.99 via Swagbucks, so it's like getting it for free).

Lady Gaga: Born This Way [+digital booklet]

This purchase also qualifies you for a FREE upgraded Amazon Cloud account to 20GB for 1 year.  If you have an Android or just want to easily be able to listen to your computer off of any computer anywhere (among other devices) this is a great option.  Any music you purchase through Amazon is automatically added to your Cloud and doesn't count against your storage allotment.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday 5/22 Coupons

These are the coupons that I received in the Sunday 5/22 Huntsville Times (your coupons may vary).

Banana Boat suncare product $1/1 40z or larger (6/25)
Betty Crocker Save $.75 wyb BOTH Supermoist cake mix AND Frosting (7/16/11)
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks Save $.50/2 (7/16)

BIC Multi-Purpose lighter $1/1 (7/31)
Bob Evans refrigerated side dish $1/1 (7/3)
Bordon Singles Sensations $1/1 (7/10)
Brookwood Farms products $.75/1 (9/5)
Butterball Turkey products listed Save $.65/1 (7/10)
Chock Full o’ Nuts $.75/1 (7/15)
Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste $1/1 (6/11)
Crunch n’ Clean dog treat $1/1 (6/30)
Crunch n’ Clean cat treats $1.50/2 (6/30)
Curad product $.50/1 (8/31)
DEPEND product $1.50/1 (7/3)
DEPEND Guards for Men $1/1 (7/3)
Edge or Skintimate shaving gel $.55/1 (6/30)
Energizer Batteries or Flashlights $1/1 pack (6/30)
Fiber One Chewy Bars Save $.50/2 (7/16)
Glad Food Storage $1/2 (7/15)
General Mills Cereals listed Save $1/3 (7/2)

Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator $1/1 (7/3)
Hamburger Helper Save $.75/ (7/16)

Hawaiian Tropic suncare product $1/1 (6/25)
Heinz Tomato Ketchup $.50/1 (6/19)

Heinz 57 10oz or larger $1/1 (8/22)
Hungry Jack Potato Products Save $1/2 (7/10)
Infusium 23 product $2/1 (6/30)
Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer $2/1 (7/30)
Kings Hawaiian Sandwich Buns $1/1 (7/17)
Kleenex hand towels $.75/1
Lea & Perrins products 10oz or larger $1/1 (8/2)
Lysol disinfectant spray $1/1 (6/21)
Lysol wipes $1/2 (6/21)
Marzetti Otria Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip $.50/1 (8/31)
Nature Valley Granola Bars Save $.50/2 (7/16)
Natures Way Alive! Multi Vitamin Save $2/1 (8/31)

Lamisil Save $3/1 (9/30/11)
OFF! Personal Insect Repellent $.75/1 (6/25)
OFF! Bontanicals product $1/1 (6/25)
OFF! Clip-on Mosquito Repellent starter $2/1 (6/25)

OFF! Clip-on Mosquito Repellent refill $1/1 (6/25)
Olive Garden Restaurant Coupons (7/10)
Pearls Enzymatic Therapy $2/1 (8/31)
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Save $.50/2 (8/13)
Playtex Gentle Glide or Sport 14ct or larger $1.50/1 (6/30)
Playtex Cup or Mealtime Item 2ct or higher $1/1
Prevacid $4/1 (6/18)
Publix / Scott/ SC Johnson MIR form
Real California Dairy product Save $.55 (9/30)
Sargento Fridge Pack Product $1/1 (7/3)
Sargento Slices $.50/1 (7/3)
Schick razor or refill (exc 2ct disposable) $1/1 (6/30)
Snyders Flavored Pretzel Pieces 10oz or larger $1/2 (7/31)
Snyders Flavored Pretzel Pieces 8oz or larger $1/1 (7/31)
Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deo or Lady Speed Stick $.75/1 (6/12)
Springer Mountain Farms chicken Save $1.50 (7/31)
Swiss Premium Tea 1 Gallon $.75/1 (6/26)
Raid Earth Options BOGO (7/16)
Tabasco $.75/1 (6/19)
Totinos products Save $.50/4 (8/13)
Tyson Anytizers wings Save $1/1 (8/22)

Wet Ones $1/2 (6/30)
WONKA Exceptionals BOGO bar (6/26)
WONKA Exceptionals candy bag 8.5-9.5oz (6/26)
Zest! 18oz or larger body wash $1/1 (7/17)
Zest! 3 bar pack or larger $1/1 (7/17)


Amoro product $2/1 (9/30)
Bar-S Franks or Bologna $1/2 (7/3)

BenGay product $3/1 (7/31)
Brillo Soap Pads 10ct or 18ct box $.55/1 (7/24)
Brillo Estracell sponge products $1/2 (7/24)
Breyers Blasts $1/3 (6/19)
Caress Tahitian Renewal or Cashmere Luxury Body Wash $.75/1 (6/19)
Caress Bodywash listed $75/1 ((6/19)
Coppertone 2oz or larger (6/30)
Country Crock $.40/1 (619)
Cutter products $1.50/1 (8/31)
Degree Men or Women Premium BOGO (6/19)
Degree $.75/1 (6/19)
Domino Sugar $.50/1 (7/31)
Domino Organic or Demerara Sugar $.40/1 (7/31)
Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys 3oz cans $1/18 (8/22)
Folgers product $.25/1 (7/30)
Hefty Plates or Cups $.55/2 (9/30)
Hellman’s product $.25/1 (6/19)
Kibbles n Bits brand dry dog food 4lbs or larger $1/1 (7/16)
Kibbles n Bits brand dry dog food 7.5lb or larger $1.50/1 (7/16)
Knorr Rice and Pasta Sides $.50/2 (6/19)
L’Oreal Paris face cosmetic product $2/1 (7/17)
L’Oreal Excellence or Excellence - to - go shade $2/1 (7/17)
Lipton tea $.40/1 (6/19)
Magnum Ice Cream Bars $1/1 (7/30)
Marcal Small Steps product $1/1 (6/30)
Milk-Bone dog snacks $1.50/2 (7/22)
Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites dog snacks $1/1 (7/22)
Natrol $1/1 (7/3)
People Style Wach June Issue Save $1 (7/17)
Pringles Super Stack $1/3 (6/30)
Pringles Snack Stack $.50/1 (6/30)
Pringles Fat Free $1/2 (6/30)
Q-tips $.30/1 (6/19)
Ragu Pasta Sauce $.75/2 (6/19)
SEVIN product $2/1 (9/30)
SlimShots $5/1 (6/30)
Smuckers Jam, Jelly or Preserves $.55/1 (7/30)
Starbucks Ice Cream pint $1/1 (6/19)
Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo or Styling product $.50/2 (6/19)
Suave Professionals Shampoo or Conditioner product $.50/2 (6/19)
Suave Men Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling product $.50/2 (6/19)
Suave Body Wash or Lotion BOGO (6/19)
Suave Deodorant product $.50/1 (6/19)
Vaseline $1/1 (6/19)
Wish-bone or Western dressing $1/1 (6/19)

Swagbucks Memorial Day Extravaganza

Search & Winjust found out that Swabucks is doing a massive Memorial Day Extravaganza and they are bringing back the Collectors Bills.  If you've not seen these before, usually a couple of weeks before a holiday they bring out special themed Swagbucks for that particular holiday.  In this case there will be 4 different Memorial Day themed Swagbucks, and if you collect them all before Thursday, May 27, you'll get a special bonus 20 Swagbucks.

For NEW SIGNUPS - Get a bonus 50 Swagbucks by entering the code MEMORIALDAYat signup between now until 11:59pm Friday evening

Also, on Thursday they will be doing a  BIG Swag Code Extravaganza next Thursday, where we'll give out over 40 Swag Bucks in codes through the day.  This means they will be giving away Swagcodes in various places like their Facebook page, Twitter, the Swagbucks blog and more. For more details on where you can often find special Swagbucks codes and to be on the lookout, check out this page.

Swagbucks is by far the best place to get free stuff, IMO.  I've earned well over $100 in Amazon gift cards just this year and they just keep coming.  You can do it too.  If you haven't signed up yet, you can do that here and get started.  Have fun!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Review & GiveAway: Maui Excellent Volcano Oil

If you experience any kind of recurring pain, joint pain or chronic pain, you've probably tried just about everything there is in an attempt to ease the pain. I know I have.  So when Maui Excellent offered to let me try their Volcano Oil line and provide a review of it, I jumped at the chance.

Maui Excellent was kind enough to send me three of their Volcano Oil products, which included the Volcano Oil, Volcano Oil Gel and Volcano Oil bath salts.  I'm all about my nightly bath, so the bath salts were the very first thing I tried and I was a bit disappointed that they weren't stronger.  Once I added the salts to the water it was like adding any other bath salts. The effects of the aromatherapy just wasn't there, and beyond that there seemed little purpose to buy a specialized bath salt.

The Volcano Oil and the Volcano Oil Gel, on the other hand are a different story! I love both of these products and will be using the gel until I am scraping the bottom of the jar clean with a Q-tip if I have to.  The Volcano Oil gel feel SO GOOD on any part of my body that is hurting.  I get a lot of neck pain and this stuff was perfect for it.  The eucalyptus and mint essential oils create a soothing aromatherapy, while the aloe vera and menthol provide a cooling relief to the pain.  I've used it on neck pain, leg pain and even on my temples for a headache.  I've also given it a try for clearing out my nasal passages and easing congestion and it works for that as well.

The Volcano Oil comes in a convenient roll-on applicator, so it is a great version to carry in your purse (or even pocket) and have on hand when you are out and about.  If you remember when Bath & Body works had their aromatherapy line in a roll-on then you have exactly the right idea of what this is, and the Volcano Oil really does seem to me like a much stronger version of the Eucalyptus Spearmint aromatherapy products from Bath & Body works.  Overall, my favorite is definitely the Volcano Oil gel, but the oil is also an excellent choice.

That said, Maui Excellent, has been EXCELLENT :) enough to offer up both products to one of my lucky readers.  For your chance to win, you'll need to do two things:
1. Like Maui Excellent on Facebook
2. Come back here and leave a comment on this post letting me know that you liked them.

Contest will Run through midnight on Tuesday, May 31 (EST), and I will choose a winner on June 1.

- note, I am running this giveaway simultaneously on my Fibro blog - Counting My Spoons - you can enter on both blogs for twice the chance to win.

- I was provided this product by Maui Excellent for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are completely my own.

SoloFill KCup On Sale - $13.50 on Amazon

If you have a Keurig, you need a Solofill Cup, Refillable K-Cup For Keurig Brewers, even if you like the original MyK-Cup (like I did), you'll want this and you'll love it!

This is a refillable K-Cup that is all one piece (instead of 3 like the MyKCup) AND it's small enough to fit in your K-Cup storage (whichever form of storage you use).

Simply, use your coffee of choice and fill the SoloCup, close the lid and pop it in your Keurig (no need to remove anything from your Keurig before use).  This item normally retails for about $16.95, but it's on sale today on Amazon for just $13.50.  While you are there, be sure to check out the Friday coffee sale!

Solofill Cup, Refillable K-Cup For Keurig Brewers

It's Friday = Mega Swagbucks Day!

Are you a Swaggernaut? If so, then you probably already know that today (Friday) is Mega Swagbucks Day. Meaning? Your searches today can earn you Mega Swagbucks!

So get Searching!

If you don't already have a Swagbucks account, you are probably wondering what I'm talking about. So keep reading!

Search & Win

Swagbucks is an awesome website that lets you earn stuff for doing things you'd already do online anyway. You can earn Swagbucks for doing searches online, playing games, doing surveys, shopping and even printing (and using) coupons. Then you can take those Swagbucks and trade them in for the real thing, in the form of Amazon gift cards, Home Depot, CVS, restaurants and other stores, and even serious goods like electronics and more. I know quite a few people who are doing their Christmas shopping through Swagbucks (and I'm one of them). It takes just 450 Swagbucks to earn a $5 Amazon gift card (so that's usually my choice). You'll get 30 Swagbucks just for signing up!

Out of Milk - Free Android App on Amazon

If you have an Android, you should definitely check out Amazon Android App Store.  They have apps that aren't in the Market and offer a daily free app (as well as other free apps).

Today's free App is "Tweetcaster", but while I was checking that out, I found "Out of Milk", a shopping list app that allows you to create multiple shopping lists, as well as create a list of stock items in your pantry to help you track what you need.
  • Create multiple shopping and to-do Lists
  • Scan or manually enter items in your Shopping Lists
  • Plan your grocery list and keep it on you at all times
  • Keep an inventory of anything so you always know what's in your pantry
  • Share lists with your friends via the social networking apps on your phone

Free Book from Read It Forward - Centuries of June by Keith Donohue

Set in the bathroom of an old house just before dawn on a night in June, Centuries of June is a black comedy about a man who is attempting to tell the story of how he ended up on the floor with a hole in his head. But he keeps getting interrupted by a series of suspects – eight women lying in the bedroom just down the hall. Each woman tells a story drawn from five centuries of American myth and legend in a wild medley of styles and voices.

Click here for your chance at a free copy of this new book by Keith Donohue.

Old Spice BW Deal @ Walgreens Trip

I hit up Walgreens today and didn't end up getting anything I went for (except the Snickers) but I did see this deal on Old Spice BW that I'd missed.

Old Spice BW 3/$10 (get $3RR wyb 3).  

So here's what I picked up.

(3) Old Spice BW @ 3/$10
- (3) $1/1 Old Spice BW coupons
(6) Snickers PB Sqared @ $.39
-$5RR from previous purchase
=$5.33 (after tax), received $3RR

Super Cheap Haircolor Trip

While at Rite Aid picking up some scripts I checked out the clearance section and found a great deal on haircolor. I'd forgotten my coupons that day but luckily I'd just had lunch with a friend who had given me her inserts, the inserts included a great $2 Off coupon for L'Oreal haircolor.

Of course, I also had to pick up some Easter candy while it was 80% off, and I found a couple of cheap make-up deals.

Transaction 1:
L'Oreal haircolor @ $2.92 (Clearanced)
 - $2 coupon
Make Up @ $2.69

Make Up @ $1.79
(2) Russell Stover candy @ $.08 e
= $6.16 (after tax)

To make this even better, when I cleaned out my purse to change purses last week, I found a Rite Aid gift card that still had money on it!

Once I confirmed that the candies really were just $.08 each, I went and bought the rest of them (yes, I shelf cleared the Russell Stover Strawberry Creme Eggs.

Transaction 2:
(11) Russell Stover Candy @ $.08
= $.95 (after tax)

Walk With Walkgreens - FREE Pedometer

Walgreens has a new program called "Walk With Walgreens".  Sign up and share with Facebook (or another social network) and you'll get badges.  The first badge is "First Steps".  When you accept that badge, you'll get a coupon for a FREE pedometer at Walgreens.

There are other rewards too, the second one I received included coupons for Dasani water, Sprite Zero and Planters nuts.  And this was all before I logged any walking!

So get walking and earn rewards!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Right On Budget

I take it back.  Last night I posted that I thought I was well under budget (based on our new increased "rebuild" budget). I was wrong.  We are actually right on budget.  I just finished entering in my receipts from this last week and it appears that we are lined up perfectly so far this month.  Here's how it looks:

  • May 1 - Rite Aid - $3.79  (no discounts, no coupons)
  • May 1 - Walgreens - $11.98 (earned $4 in RR)
  • May 4 - Publix - $99.33 worth of groceries for $44.18 (56% savings)
  • May 7 - CVS - $33.95 for $2.14 (96% savings)
  • May 7 - CVS - $51.11 for $27.20 (53% savings)
  • May 7 - Rite Aid - $39.96 for $13.35 (71% savings)
  • May 7  - CostCo - $34
  • May 13 - Walgreens - $12.78 for $3.13 (82% savings)
  • May 16 - Publix - $62 worth of groceries for $12.02 (83% savings)
Total for the month so far - $423.78 worth of groceries and drugstore items for $196.89 (58% savings)

Really not too shabby considering all that we had to restock and the first two trips (Walgreens & Rite Aid) were out of town trips for things we forgot to bring when we decided we couldn't take the lack of electricity anymore.

To make those numbers look even better, I just realized we were under budget last month by almost $50.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Super Cheap HairColor at Rite Aid

While waiting on some prescriptions today at Rite Aid I decided to check out the clearance section and found a really great deal on hair color.  There were several boxes (various colors) of L'Oreal haircolor marked down to less than $3/box.  Combined with the $2/1 L'Oreal haircolor coupon that was in Sunday's paper this snagged me a box for $.84.

Easier the Second Time Around... But Harder Too.

The first time we started couponing, I already had a refrigerator full of items we used regularly. We had what we "needed" at the very least.  So, in the beginning I could focus on "stockpiling" right away. Other than a few items that we had to replenish weekly, that was really all I did.  In doing so, I built our stockpile pretty quickly.  Our main freezer filled up in no time and within 2 months of starting with couponing we'd bought our large deep freeze and I had it filled before long.  In fact, by the beginning of April (about 6 months after starting this journey) I'd begun to pass on any coupons for frozen items because, frankly, our deep freeze (and our regular freezer) were just FULL.  We needed to eat some of what we had before I tried to put anything else in there.

As you can see from the pictures below, we weren't lacking in the non-perishable dept either...

These pictures were taken a couple of months ago and while some areas had filled in, other things had diminished some.  Needless to say, that when the storms hit those shelves were FULL!

Thanks to the storms and the week-long loss of power, we lost everything in the fridge and freezers (just like everyone else).  After we got power back, we decided that we could more easily replace our stockpile than many others could buy food right now, so we donated more than half of our non-perishables to various groups around town.  There is still a shortage at some of the local food banks, and I'm trying to make more of an effort to include donation efforts in my regular buying because of this.

As for rebuilding the stockpile, it's both easier and harder.  It's easier because I know more.  I know what a good price is now.  But, knowing that also makes it harder because I'm not willing to pay the higher prices.  So, my stockpile is being rebuilt piece by piece, as things go on sale and I have coupons for them (or at least one of the above).  I did pick up a couple of things recently at full price just because I found that after a week of not having them, it was really bugging me.

The biggest reason it's harder is because I've found that it's much easier to find the coupons you want when you first start out.  Coupons are everywhere, but MANY of the coupons available online don't reset for long periods of time (if ever, I haven't quite figured it out yet).  So, a lot of the items we use the most I can't seem to locate coupons for.  Even though they are online, I can't print them because I've already done so.  I've also been finding ever since the first of the year that there seem to be fewer and fewer coupons coming out in the paper for items I use.  And lastly, as I've already mentioned, I had been giving away a lot of coupons I could really use now.

After the storms, we decided to increase our grocery budget (by double) for a limited time to help us rebuild.  However, I'm still finding that my grocery trips are about the same size they were pre-storm.  Today, I spent $12 at Publix.  Then again, I almost didn't go, at all, because there were really only 2 items on sale this week that I wanted to grab.  For $12 I got 6 porkchops, 6 packages of razors (FREE! -yay Raincheck), 8 Smart Ones deserts and 1 bath squishee thing.  I still have to sit down and enter my receipts for the last week or so, and I have a feeling when I'm done I'll find that we really have spent more than what our budget was pre-storm but I know we haven't come close to spending twice that much.

Over $8 in Glade Coupons

$4.00 OFF 1 Glade Automatic Spray starter kit
$3.00 OFF 1 Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Lasting Impressions holder
$1.00 OFF 1 Glade PlugIns Scented Oil twin refill or two single refills
$0.50 OFF 1 Glade Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator

Get Them Here

New Oscar Mayer Coupons

Go to Coupons.com for 4 new Oscar Mayer Coupons:

$1.00 OFF 2 packages of any OSCAR MAYER Deli Fresh or One Pound Shaved Lunchmeats
$1.00 OFF 2 packages of any OSCAR MAYER Hot Dogs
$1.00 OFF 1 package of any OSCAR MAYER Sandwich Combos
$1.00 OFF 1 OSCAR MAYER LUNCHABLES with Fruit, no drink

Sunday, May 15, 2011

5/15 Sunday Coupons

These are the Sunday Coupons that I received in the Huntsville Times this week.  We had two inserts, 1 Redplum and 1 SmartSource.

  • BOGO Gillette Deodorant (6/30/11)
  • $2/1 Gillette Body Wash (6/30/11)
  • $.55/1 Ocean Spray blueberry drink (8/31/11)
  • $.50/1 Lawry's Spice Blend (6/19/11)
  • $.50/1 Lawry's Marinade (6/19/11)
  • $.35/1 Carbona Stain Devil (8/13/11)
  • $.75/1 Carbona color & dirt grabber (8/13/11)
  • $1/2 (14oz or larger) KRAFT dressing (6/12/11)
  • $1/2 Uncle Ben's Original Converted brand rice products(7/10/11)
  • $2/1 L'Oreal haircolor product (7/10/11)
  • $5/2 L'Oreal haircolor product (7/10/11)
  • $1/1 Studio Line Styling product or L'Oreal Vive Pro Glossy Style product (7/10/11)
  • $1/1 L'Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo or conditioner (7/10/11)
  • $1/1 L'Oreal Paris skincare product (7/10/11)
  • $1/1 L'Oreal Sublime Bronze product (7/10/11)
  • $1/1 EverSleek, EverPure, EverStrong shampoo or conditioner (7/10/11)
  • $1/1 EverSleek, EverPure, EverStrong treatment (7/10/11)
  • $1.50/1 bag of Milo's Kitchen brand dog treats (3.3oz or smaller) (7/9/11)
  • $2/1 bag of Milo's Kitchen brand dog treats (10oz or larger) (7/9/11)
  • FREE Canine Carry Outs dog snacks WYB 1 Meaty Bone product (7/10/11)
  • $1/2 Johnson & Johnson RED CROSS brand products (7/31/11)
  • $3/1 CORTAID product (7/31/11)
  • $1/1 BENADRYL topical product (7/31/11)
  • FREE Build Your Own First Aid Kit MIR
  • $1/1 NEOSPORIN Lip Health product (7/31/11)
  • $1.50 Off the purchase of (1) NEOSPORIN and (1) Band-Aid brand adhesive product (7/31/11)
  • Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Cesar Entrees (8/6/11)
  • $1/1 Black Flag product (6/15/11)
  • $.75/1 Sensodyne toothpaste or Sensodyne iso-active Foaming Gel (8/14/11)
  • $1/1 Sensodyne ProNamel toothpaste (8/14/11)
  • $1/1 Polident products (6/26/11)
  • $1/1 Super Poligrip products (6/26/11)
  • $1/1 Aquafresh iso-active Foaming Gel (6/26/11)
  • $1/1 Goody's 16ct or larger (6/30/11)
  • $1/1 BC 18ct or larger (6/30/11)
  • B1G1 FREE Whiskas tray (7/9/11)
  • $1/1 bag of Whiskas dry food (7/9/11)
  • $2/1 Wisk laundry detergent (6/26/11)
  • $1/1 Surf laundry detergent (6/26/11)
  • $2/1 Surf laundry detergent, 120 loads or larger (6/26/11)
  • $1.50/1 Aveeno sun protection product (7/31/11)
  • $3/2 Aveeno sun protection products (7/31/11)
  • $.55 off 1lb Land O' Frost Premium (7/31/11)
  • $2/1 Venus Razor (6/30/11)
  • $2/1 Venus Refill (6/30/11)
  • $.50/3 boxes or 1 multipack of SCOTTIES facial tissues (6/18/11)
  • $3/1 Nivea Happy Sensation Daily Lotion (6/30/11)
  • $1/1 Nivea Body Wash for Women (6/30/11)
  • $1/1 Sundown vitamin or supplement (6/26/11)
  • $5/1 Osteo Bi-Flex (6/26/11)
  • $1/2 Half Gallons or larger of Turkey Hill drinks (8/15/11)
  • Steak & Shake coupons (6/26/11)
  • Red Lobster coupons (6/9/11)
  • $1/2 General Mills cereals listed (6/25/11)
  • $1/1 OFF! Area product (6/25/11)
  • $2/2 OFF! Area products (6/25/11)
  • $1/1 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce or Marinade (7/17/11)
  • $1/1 bottle Hidden Valley Originals salad dressing OR Hidden Valley Salad Kit (6/30/11)
  • $.75/1 LLOYD'S bbq product (7/11/11)
  • $1.50/2 packages of KOTEX liners (6/25/11)
  • $2/2 packages of KOTEX pads (6/25/11)
  • $1.50/2 packages of KOTEX SECURITY tampons (6/25/11)
  • $1/1 bag of 9Lives dry cat food ((7/16/11)
  • $1 off 9Lives Wet Cat Food, 1 12-can variety pack or 12 individual cans or 3 4packs (7/16/11)
  • $.50/2 COTTONELLE flushable moist wipes, 36-ct or larger tubs or 42-ct refills or 1 72-ct refill (6/26/11)
  • $.75/1 Colgate ProClinical toothpaste (6/4/11)
  • $1 off People (7/5/11)
  • $1/1 Lysol Clean Flip Starter Kit or Floor Cloths (8/31/11)
  • $.50/1 French's French Fried Onions (7/31/11)
  • $.75/1 French's Worcestershire Sauce (8/15/11)
  • $2/1 package Little Swimmers (6/11/11)
  • $1/1 Huggies Little Swimmers Sun Care product (6/11/11)
  • $1.50/1 PULL-UPS training pants (6/11/11)
  • $1/1 PULL-UPS flushable moist wipes (6/11/11)
  • $3/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush 2-in-1 starter kit or refill pack (6/25/11)
  • $.55/1 Shout laundry product (6/25/11)
  • $.55/1 Heluva Good! Sour Cream dip (6/30/11)
  • $1/1 box Purity Nutty Buddy SuperScoops (7/31/11)
  • $1/1 Joint Juice product (7/15/11)
  • Logan's Roadhouse restaurant coupons (6/16/11)
  • $1/1 Pepperidge Farms Milano Melts (8/7/11)
  • $.60/1 package Pepperidge Farms cookies (7/10/11)
  • $.30/1 French's Classic Yellow Mustard (7/15/11)
  • $.75/1 French's Spicy Brown, Honey, Horseradish, Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce, Honey Dijon or New Dijon Mustard (7/15/11)
  • $1/1 DOLE Salad blend (6/30/11)
  • $.50/2 packages of DOLE Fruit in Gel (7/31/11)
  • $.50/2 packa of DOLE Parfaits (7/31/11)
  • $.55/1 ECKRICH Smoked sausage product (6/25/11)
  • $1.25/2 Ziploc brand bags (7/9/11)
  • $1.50/2 Ziploc containers (7/9/11)
  • $.50/1 FRANKS REDHOT sauce (7/31/11)
  • $.75/1 FRANKS REDHOT Sweet Chili, Thick, or Wings sauce (7/31/11)
  • $1/1 Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Foil (6/30/11)
  • $1/1 Reynolds Wrap Foil (6/30/11)
  • $.55/1 bottle Kikkoman Soy Sauce (12/31/11)
  • $1/1 BISSELL Deep Cleaning Formulas (6/30/11)
  • $2/1 Olay Total Effects Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser (6/30/11)
  • $1/1 Orajel Children's toothpaste (8/31/11)
  • $4/1 Luster 1 Hour White(6/30/11)
  • $1.50/1 Luster White 7 (6/30/11)
  • $1/1 package MidNite (11/30/11)
  • $.25/1 SunnyD product (8/31/11)
  • $.75/1 Woolite Oxy Deep, Pet + Oxygen and Pet Urine Eliminator (5/31/11)
  • $2/1 Kerasal product (6/30/11)

Free Headset

Head over to 1SaleADay to grab a FREE Jabra headset (including shipping).

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Coupon News: College Student Faces Wire Charges for Creating Fake Coupons

A Rochester Institute of Technology student is now facing Federal Wire charges after using the internet to create and distribute a number of different coupons for products ranging from Play Stations to bear and cigarettes.

According to charges, Proctor & Gamble and other companies paid some $200,000 in false coupons thanks to the 22 year old from Texas.

These types of frauds are the real reason we see a decline in coupon availability and a tightening of store coupon policies.

To read the whole article, click here.

2 liter Sierra Mist for $0.28?!?!?

On Mother's Day, I was in Little Caesars picking up dinner. (yes, we had pizza for Mother's Day dinner LOL)  On the counter I noticed some coupons.  They were for $0.75 off ANY Sierra Mist Natural product (exp 9/30/11.)  At my Kroger that week (5/4 - 5/10) they had a sale buy 4 Pepsi 2 liters, Get 2 Free.  I knew that combined with this coupon I'd be getting a sweet deal.  So I took a bunch (leaving lots, I won't take all of something, its all about sharing the coupon love!)  and headed over to Kroger.  The total with tax on 12 - 2 liters of Sierra Mist Natural minus 12 -$0.75 coupons was $3.30!  That's a deal that can't be beat.  So if you happen to stop in to a Little Caesars, keep your eyes peeled for those coupons.

Kroger Trip 5/7/11

 Like I said on FaceBook earlier this week, we've had the plague here at our house. Between that and wrapping up the end of the school year plus the kids' sports, its been a long week here.  I wanted to share my very first large shopping trip with you all though.  I spent 227.83, but I saved 192.52, which is a savings of 46%. I'm happy with that. For some of the items on my list, we needed those items, but didn't have coupons for. Not everyone will save 99 percent on their grocery bill every time, like the people on Extreme Couponing, and I'm ok with that.

I broke down my list for you all so you could see exactly what I got, what coupons I used and what the price was after coupons, if I used them for that product. 

Kroger Mega Sale Items - buy 10 participating items, get $5 off. Prices shown are wth the mega sale savings taken off.

(4) Capt Crunch Cereal - $1.99
$0.50/1 Cap'n Crunch Cereal 4/17/2011 RP Insert (exp 8/31/2011)
Used 4 - making these $0.99 each
(12) Capt Crunch/Life Cereals - $1.99
$2/3 Quaker or Tropicana Product 5/1/2011 Moments to Save Insert (exp 5/21/2011) 
Used 4 - making these $1.32 each 
(5) Mom's Natural Brand Cereal  - $0.99
$0.75/1 Mom's Best Naturals Product 
Used 5 - making these $0.24 each 
(4) Kraft Mayo - $2.49
$.75/1 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip 5/15/2011 SS Insert (exp 6/12/2011) 
Used 4 - making these  $1.74 each 
(20) Ronzoni Pastas (Garden Delight, Healthy Harvest, Smart Taste) $0.49
$1/2 Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta, $1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta,  $1/2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Used 10 - making this pasta FREE!
(10) Ragu Pasta Sauce - $1.35
Printable Coupon $1/2 (have to register for Hannaford's to be able to print Q. This Q is not available anymore) 
Used 5 - making the sauce $0.85 each 
(1) Hefty Trash Bags - $6.47
$0.55/1 Hefty Waste Bags 4/10/2011 RP Insert (exp 6/30/2011)  
Used 1 - making the bags $5.37 
(10) Sargento Cheese Sticks - $4.20
$0.75/1 Sargento Natural Blends Snacks 4/10/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/22/2011)  
Used 10 - making them $3.45 each 
(4) Sargento Sliced Cheese - $3.82
$0.75/1 Sargento Natural Blends Slices 4/10/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/22/2011)  
Used 4 - making these $3.07 each 
(5) Dannon Light and Fit 4pk - 1.49
$0.40 an any Six (6) Dannon Light & Fit 6oz single serve or any one (1) Light & Fit 6oz. 4 pack SS Insert (exp 5/10/2011)   
Used 5 - making these $0.89 each 
(10) Capri Sun 10 pouch packs - $1.49 
No Q but we use so many of these at my house for baseball game snacks and school parties, it was a deal I couldn't pass up. 
(2) Nestle Toll house Refrigerated Cookie Dough - $1.99\
printable coupon Save, $.55 
Used 2 - making these $0.89 each 
(3) Skinner Pasta - $0.49
No Q

Other Items
(3) packs of Sanderson Farms Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast - $4.33, $3.92, $6.46
(1) 5lb Roll of Ground Beef - $12.45
(1) 5lb Roll of Ground Chuck - $13.95
(2) Duncan Hines Brownies - $1.50 each
$0.50/1 Duncan Hines Brownies 4/10/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/30/2011)
Using 2 - mkaing these $0.50 each
(4) Valsic Relish - 10/$10
Printable coupon, Save, $.55
Used 4 - Making these FREE!
(1) Dawn Dish Soap - $1.49
$0.50/1 Dawn coupon (P&G home mailer)
Used 1 - Making this $0.49
(12) 2 liters of Pepsi Products - B4G2 Free - making these $0.84 each!
(2) Kraft Shredded Cheese Touch of Philly - $4.59 - BOGO
Coupon from Kraft First Taste for 1 free Kraft Shredded Cheese Taste of Philly Product
Because these were BOGO already at my Kroger, I got both for FREE!
(10) Kool Aid Kool Bursts - 10/$10
(1) Kroger Canola Oil 1 gallon - $8.89
(1) 18 pack Kroger Eggs - $2.62
(1) Gallon Kroger Milk - $2.83
(2) 16 oz Kroger Bacon - $4.79
(1) Kroger Quart Size Freezer Bags - $1.05
(1) Kroger Gallon Size Freezer Bags - $1.05
(2) Pillsbury Grand Biscuits $1.64
$0.30/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands Biscuits
(1) Hunt's Ketchup - $1.25
$0.25 printable - This is no longer available
Used 1- making this $0.75 
(4) loaves Kroger Wheat Sandwich Bread - $1.00
(2) Kroger Sandwich Buns - $1.00

Sunday Coupon Preview

We should see 2 coupons inserts in tomorrow's paper, 1 Redplum and 1 SmartSource.  You can check out the full Sunday Coupon Preview here.

The coupons I'm looking forward to:
  • Kraft dressing 14 oz or larger Save $1.50/2 (6/12)
  • Nivea Body Lotion 8.4 fl. oz – 13.5 fl. oz. Save $2.00/1 (6/26)
  • BAILEYS Coffee Creamer Save $1/1 DND (6/12)
  • LAND O LAKES 1 lb Deli Cheese Save $1.00 (7/31)
  • LAND O LAKES packages of Deli Cheese Products Save $1/2 (7/31) 
  • OSCAR MEYER Lower Sodium Turkey Bacon Save $1/2 (7/10)
  • OSCAR MEYER Hot Dogs Save $1/2 (7/10)
  • KRAFT Mayo or Miracle Whip Save $1/1 (6/12)
  • Kikkoman Products Save $1/2 (12/31)
  • PLANTERS Nutrition Bars (5ct box) or Big Nut Bars (5 ct box) Save $1/1 (7/31)

Review: Covergirl NatureLuxe Foundation

As I posted a few weeks ago, I've been given the opportunity to be a BZZAgent for the new Covergirl Natureluxe line of cosmetics.  In return for getting to try the product for free, I'm sharing my opinions and reviewing the products.

They sent me both the Natureluxe foundation and the Natureluxe lip balm.  I've now had a chance to try them both a few different times and my opinion still holds the same as it did the first time I tried it.  I LOVE the foundation, but not so much the lip balm.

First the bad.  The lip balm had a very waxy feel to it, rather than being smooth like I like a gloss to be it came off almost as if I was trying to cover my lips in candle wax.  I'm sure there is an increased protection in having something so thick on your lips, but it just didn't feel good to me.  I won't continue using that product.

However, THE GOOD.  I LOVE the Natureluxe foundation.  While I've used Covergirl products in the past, for the last 7 or 8 years I've been using Clinique products (including the foundation and the pore minimizer).  The first thing I noticed about the Covergirl Natureluxe foundation is that it gives me the same smooth feeling on my skin that I usually need the pore minimizer to achieve.  In addition to smoothing my skin out and leaving it feeling very soft and comfortable (not oily), it covers very well and blends well with my skin tone, hiding the red bumps and splotches.

Here are pictures of me both before (with no make-up at all on) and after with just the Natureluxe foundation.

You can see that in the second picture my skin tone is much more even and the red bumps are not nearly as noticeable.  Now, me being the full coverage girl that I am, I still felt the need to use some powder, as well as finish my look.
One thing I noticed about the Natureluxe foundation the first time I used it is that it lasts.  My face gets really oily and especially when it's hot and I'm out doing things, my make-up tends to  just melt off my face. I haven't found this to be the case with the Natureluxe and that makes me really happy.  Where foundation often melts off within just an hour or two or at the very least requires me to re-apply powder over and over again to calm the oil, I haven't had this problem with the Natureluxe.  If for no reason but that, I LOVE THIS STUFF!  Add to that that it's much cheaper than the line I've been using and I'm definitely making the switch!

Another great thing is that the Natureluxe foundation has SPF15 protection built in.  With fair skin like mine this is a must have.  With fair skin like mine you'd think I'd always remember to put on the sunscreen, but I don't!  So any help I can get in remembering is a huge bonus.

If you are new to this line and want to try it but are scared, keep in mind that Covergirl is offering a  "Love it or 2x your money back!" guarantee.  If you don't love this new foundation just send it back with your receipt and they will send you 2x what you paid for it!  I'm really pretty sure you won't need to take advantage of this offer, but it's great that it's there just in case.

- free product was provided to me by BZZAgent, all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't Forget - Stamp Out Hunger -Saturday May 14

This is copied from an email I received today from Labels for Education.

Fill a Bag. Feed Families.
On Saturday, May 14, 2011, you can donate non-perishable* food to help combat hunger right here in the U.S. by taking part in Stamp Out Hunger, the nation’s largest single-day food drive.
We know that during the year you already make a difference by supporting your school through the purchase of participating Labels for Education® products, but on May 14 you can help Stamp Out Hunger by donating these products at your mailbox. It’s a great way to help the 50 million Americans that are at risk of hunger.**
Here's how to participate:
  1. Buy non-perishable food items. Many Labels for Education participating products qualify! Visit our Participating Products page to see a list.
  2. Place at mailbox for pickup & your letter carrier will deliver to a local food bank.
Learn more at HelpStampOutHunger.com to help nourish everyone’s potential.
The Labels for Education® Team!
*Donate items like canned meats, fish, soup, vegetables; bottled juice, pasta, cereal and rice that do not require refrigeration. Please do not include items that have expired or in glass containers.
**USDA Household Food Security Study 2009

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Printable Publix Coupons

Publix has a new sheet of coupons available to print here, and they are some good ones, that combined with manufacturer Qs could equal some free or close to free products...
  • $1.25/1 Pace Salsa or Picante
  • $1/1 Wish-bone Dressing
  • $1/1 V-8 VFusion Juice
  • $1/1 Swanson's Broth or Stock
and several others.

Swagbucks and Tornado Relief

We here in N. Alabama are so greatful for all of the help coming from so many different directions during this time of recovery from the devastating tornadoes that ripped through the state less than two weeks ago.  I'm very proud to see that Swagbucks has stepped up once again and this time they are asking you to donate your Swagbucks to help Alabama via The United Way of Western Alabama.

Right now you can donate any amount of Swagbucks starting at 5 Swagbucks, throughout the month of May and Swagbucks will be converting Swagbucks to real dollars to make a donation to the United Way of Western Alabama.  You can make a donation and see the conversion chart here.

If you are new to Swagbucks, you should check them out.  Swagbucks allows you to earn points (aka Swagbucks) for doing things you already do (like searching the web & making purchases online), which you can then trade in for tangible goods as well as gift cards (to Amazon, Paypal, Home Depot, CVS, B&N and many others), or as I posted above you can donate your Swagbucks and help others.  Sign Up Here.

Search & Win

Saturday, May 7, 2011

We Really Needed Razors Trip

My husband has a skin condition that requires him to use a new razor head every day, this gets expensive so when I find them on sale, I stock up.  As luck would have it, every drugstore had a deal on BIC razors this week, and there were lots of good coupons.  I basically missed the deal at Publix last week but I got a raincheck and I'm saving my $3/1 Qs to go with that, for the best deal. 

Today, I hit up CVS (two stores) and stocked up, using up my $2/1 coupons before they expire tomorrow.  Whenever I see these sales on the 4 packs I always try to find the bonus packs that give you 2 extras, for an even better deal.  Today, I was able to find 6 of these bonus packs (between 2 stores).

Trip 1

  • 1 All Small & Mighty @ $4.99
  • 1 BIC Comfort 3 (8ct) @ $8.79
  • 3 BIC Comfort ME @ $5.79

-$2.90 (B1 Get 1 50% Off)
-$2.90 (B1 Get 1 50% Off)
-(4) $2/1 BIC Coupons
-(1) $1/1 ALL Coupon
-$5/30 CVS coupon
-$9 in ECBs
= Total $2.14 (after tax)

Trip 2
3 BIC Comfort (8ct) @ $7.99
2 BIC Comfort Advanced @ $6.99
1 BIC Comfort ME @ $5.49
7 Russel Stover Easter Candies @ $.35
1 Dr. Pepper @ $1.59
-$4 (B1 Get 1 50%)
-$3.50 (B1 Get 1 50%)
-$2.75 (B1 Get 1 50%)
- (6) $2/1 BIC coupons
- (1)$1/1 BIC coupon*
= Total $27.21 (after tax)

* I only gave her the 6 $2/1 coupons, the $1/1 was a peelie on one of the packages that she took off and scanned, without my knowledge.

I did also earn a $1ECB on the first trip, but I'd left it in the car at the second store.  Typing this out I'm realizing how much of a price difference there is at the two different stores I went to, which are about 8 miles apart.

Kroger Bans Stacked Coupons

I posted a couple of months ago about how Kroger had changed its policy that previously allowed you to use a digital coupon (on your Kroger card) at the same time as a paper coupon, now they are taking things a step further.  Kroger has recently announced that they will no longer allow any stacking of manufacturer and store coupons (even if both are paper).  They have changed their software so that the the computers no longer allow more than one coupon for any given item.

Digital coupons are now being processed first (and do not double), so if you have digital coupons loaded on your card you may need to remove them before you head out to shop (if you have paper coupons you'd rather use). However, this article is the first I'd heard (or read) about a change to allowing you to stack two paper coupons (with one being a store and the other a manufacturer coupon).

I've even heard reports that some stores (or the computers within) won't allow you to use a BOGO coupon with a $/1 coupon (basically attaching the BOGO coupon to both items).

 Just yesterday, I received a packet of Kroger store coupons in the mail that I was very excited about stacking with manufacturer coupons.  Now, I'm not so sure I will be able to (unless I take them to Publix).  I'd love to hear your experiences with Kroger since their policies began changing a few months ago.  Have you noticed any changes beyond the earlier noted changes to stacking digital coupons with paper?