Friday, May 20, 2011

Super Cheap Haircolor Trip

While at Rite Aid picking up some scripts I checked out the clearance section and found a great deal on haircolor. I'd forgotten my coupons that day but luckily I'd just had lunch with a friend who had given me her inserts, the inserts included a great $2 Off coupon for L'Oreal haircolor.

Of course, I also had to pick up some Easter candy while it was 80% off, and I found a couple of cheap make-up deals.

Transaction 1:
L'Oreal haircolor @ $2.92 (Clearanced)
 - $2 coupon
Make Up @ $2.69

Make Up @ $1.79
(2) Russell Stover candy @ $.08 e
= $6.16 (after tax)

To make this even better, when I cleaned out my purse to change purses last week, I found a Rite Aid gift card that still had money on it!

Once I confirmed that the candies really were just $.08 each, I went and bought the rest of them (yes, I shelf cleared the Russell Stover Strawberry Creme Eggs.

Transaction 2:
(11) Russell Stover Candy @ $.08
= $.95 (after tax)

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