Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just Because it's a Deal doesn't mean it's a GOOD Deal

Lots of websites are doing these "Daily Deal" email alerts, along the same lines as Amazon's Gold Box Deal.  I've noticed that many bloggers seem to get caught up in sharing these deals, as if just because they exist they are a good deal.  One that I noticed recently that got a lot of play was a Wal-mart deal on a printer.  Even I got caught up in that one, I mean an All-in-One printer for just $30? But then I looked a little harder and found that it wasn't that good of a deal.  The regular price on Amazon was only $40 and I found other websites where you could easily get the same printer for $30-$35.  Granted the shipping from Wal-mart was a super cheap .97, but still.  Then I looked a little harder and realized that this was one of those printers where to replace the ink cartridges would cost you as much as a new printer.  Granted at only $30, it's hard to find ink for much cheaper, but the ink cartridges on this printer were a little high, IMO.

I've seen other deals that were along the same lines, and the moral of the story is don't get caught up in "deal" adrenaline.  Do some research before you buy and make sure that item you are buying is really worth spending ANY money on.  You also may want to ask yourself the question, "Do I really need this?".  I have to ask that question a lot when I see something that seems like a really great deal.  I mean, yeah, if you are going to give it to me for free I'll take it.  But, do I really want to spend my money on this?

Another thing in this same category that I see a lot, are all these survey sites, etc.  Remember that nothing in life is really free.  At the very least you are giving them your contact information.  Check the privacy policy.  Who are they passing your info on to?  What is the real price for all that free stuff?  Is your time really worth so little?  There are a handful (if not more) of these survey sites that will have you jumping through hoops just to get a "free sample" of something.  Chances are it's something you don't even need anyway.  And even if it is something you'll use, is it really worth that 10 minutes (or more) of your time? Aren't there better things you could have used your time for? (like reading this blog?lol).  I could easily be on the computer 24/7 filling out surveys and such just to get free items or get $5, etc.  And maybe for some it's worthwhile to do that.  Just make sure you ask yourself the question before you spend the time, and that you really think about what you are trading for what you are getting.  Is it really worth it? Is it really a good deal?

Rite Aid

Ok, so I got to Rite Aid yesterday to find that the sale ad at the store was different than the sale ad online.  This isn't unusual for Rite Aid, but it made me a little unhappy since two of the major deals I wanted to pick up were not on sale here (the Nivea and the Halls cough drops).  The upside was that in the in-store ad was another of the "transfer a prescription get a $25 gc" coupon.  The coupon is good until Nov. 20.

I've noticed that most of the time if our local stores are running this coupon that the Rite Aid ad does not show up in the paper.  That said, I'm now up to about $125 in gift cards from Rite Aid for transferring prescriptions (yes I take a lot of prescriptions). 

Another upside to shopping (and getting your prescriptions filled) at Rite Aid is their points program. Each dollar you spend earns you a point and you get 25 points for each prescription you fill.  As those points add up so do your discounts.  There are a few levels of discounts with the final one being 20% off all of your purchases.