Friday, March 11, 2011

Coupon Policy Changes Going Around

It seems every time I turn around I'm reading about another major retailer changing their coupon policy.  So far in the last couple of weeks it's been Wal-mart, first sending out an ad that they take competitor coupons, then taking it back and saying it was a mistake and then a few weeks later they are now taking them but with limits.  It's all pretty confusing if you ask me, and evidently if you ask most people who have tried to take advantage of the changes.  I've heard as many stories of problems with stores not taking the coupons they are supposedly taking now as I have stories from those who have had success with the new policy.  Anyone who knows me, knows there is no love lost here (or gained for that matter). I avoid Wal-mart like the plague and will continue do so unless they outright start paying me to shop there.

Then, there's Kroger.  A week or so ago I'd read that there was a change coming down the pipeline that would limit the coupons they would take.  Basically no more stacking a BOGO Q with a $1/1Q or things like that.  Also, if you want to do multiple transactions you can do two but then you have to go to your car.  I'd read this back in the midst of the fiasco with the Daytona Mega Sale.  Then this week (just a week after finally confirming that you COULD use an eCoupon and a paper coupon on the same item), I heard that they are updating their computer system so that that is no longer allowed.  Kroger is just making it more and more difficult for me to shop with them.  After the fiasco with the Mega Sale we've already decided we won't shop at our closest store again which means I really do have to go out of my way to go to Kroger, and it looks like I'll be going out of my way more often.  You can check out more about the new coupon policy at Kroger on Rocket City Savings

Coupons for Gas?

I just ran across this article on CNNMoney that mentions that you can often find coupons for gas stations. This is something I've never seen.  We typically buy our gas at CostCo and today it was more than 10cents less than the usually lowest price regular gas station in our area.  Plus we get 2% cash back with our CostCo card, making it even better.

There is a Kroger with a gas station almost right next door, and I've attempted to look into their gas discount program, but haven't actually tried it out. I've read mixed stories on whether or not the discount is even available in our state.  I noticed another gas station in the Nashville area that wasn't connected to a Kroger but would give you a 10cent /gallon discount if you scanned your Kroger card (but it had to be the big card and all I had was my keychain card).

$20 Off Bowling Coupon at AMF

This hot coupon is available again. Join the AMF Bowling eClub to grab a coupon worth $20 off a game of bowling with at least 4 people. Grab your family or grab three friends and head out for a game of bowling, with this great deal.  Click here to save $20!

.50/1 Starkist Pouch Coupon

Head over to Facebook and "Like" Starkist then select "Seafood Fridays" and you'll find a coupon you can print worth .50/1 Starkist Pouch product.

1 Year of Redbook for just $3

I just picked up a cheap subscription to Redbook magazine on
- They have the auto-renewing subscription to Redbook for just $3.  You can easily turn off the auto-renew after you place your order in your Amazon subscription settings.  This is another great magazine not just for the articles but for picking up some good coupons for a variety of items.

Have you Hugged Your Swag Today?

It's Friday, and that means Mega SwagBucks Day (hear that in your head as said by the guy who does the car lot commercials, with an echo...echo...echo).

If you haven't been doing your Swagbucks searches, you totally should and today is a good day to start, because it's MEGA Swagbucks Day, which means you could earn some super Swagbucks for doing searches (where you normally might earn up to 50, on Mega Swagbucks Day, you could earn as many as 1,000 Swagbucks for doing a search.

For those who still don't know what Swagbucks is... seriously, get out of your hole!  No really.  Swagbucks is an awesome reward site that gives you Swagbucks for doing things online that you'd be doing anyway (like searches) and then you can trade those Swagbucks in for cool prizes (like Amazon gift cards).  They have other stuff but I always go for the Amazon cards because they are the best deal by far. You only need 450 Swagbucks to snag a $5 Amazon card.  On a typical day I can earn around 20 just from doing searches and for having their toolbar installed.  So, go here to sign up for Swagbucks and then get your search on.

4 Day FREE Sample of Slimple Appetite Suppresant

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I'll be interested in finding out how well this works, I know I could use an appetite suppressant lately (along with daily workouts...)