Saturday, August 24, 2013

Daily Deal Sites for Ladies Clothing

I love the daily deal sites. I'm so hooked on Zulily it's not funny. Even my hubby is jealous that they don't include men's wear in their daily deals. So, I decided to see what other great daily deal sites I could find for ladies wear.

Zulily - offers new deals every day at 9am EST in womens, children, maternity and household items. There are usually at least a dozen different sales each day and each sale lasts for 3 days. Often the best items sell out within minutes of being posted (sad face). One of the greatest things is that they only charge a single flat rate shipping fee, so no matter how many items you purchase it doesn't increase the shipping total.

RueLaLa - Their sales open at 11am EST daily and cover pretty much everything and every price range. From high end brands like Gucci to more affordable items under $25, there's something for everyone. A couple of nice bonuses with RueLaLa - once you order and pay a flat $9.95 shipping you get free shipping for the next 30 days. They also allow you to return your items up to 30 days.

NoMoreRack - offers a variety of items every day. I've only ordered from them once and I'll admit that the dresses I got were not the highest quality, but for the price they were well worth it.

6PM - is Zappos daily deal site. Think of it as their clearance deals but without all the Zappos perks (no free shipping or returns). I have picked up some shoes for a really great bargain via this site.

LivingSocial - in addition to the local deals that LivingSocial offers, they also offer some great finds on all sorts of products. - new deals every day for everyone! Great items go fast. However, these are high end items and not so much in my price range.