Sunday, March 27, 2011

$5 Off Scott EZ Seed

Scott has a coupon on their website for $5 Off their new EZ Seed product.  This grass is guarantted to grow even in the hardest to grow areas.  We'll be giving it a try, as our yard manages to combine all the features that make growing grass just about impossible!

Papers Missing Inserts

Boo :(  I picked up two copies of the paper this afternoon and both were missing the Redplum insert!  So, not happy.  The sad thing is that I knew it when I bought them. I'd scoured through the whole lot of papers at the store and did good to find two that even had both the Smartsource inserts (and I have to say, that second SmartSource was skinny).  I really should have just passed and headed to a different store but we'd already been out all afternoon and had had to turn around and go back out to get the papers when we got home and realized we'd forgotten them. 

There's a lesson here.  Use the Sunday Coupon Preview (and my usual posts letting you know what to expect) and double check your papers to make sure they are all there before you buy.  If they aren't find a different place to buy them.  And now I need to take my own advice.

Free Produce

So this afternoon I found a way to possibly score some free produce.  We stopped by the local farmers market to see what they had and the sign out front said they had some "field greens". When I found them the guy was messing with them. I asked if this was all the field greens (because there wasn't a lot) and he said, "Yes, would you like to take them all for free?"  Well, yeah if they are free!  He said he was about to close up and was going to throw out what was left but if I wanted them he'd let me take them all for free.  The market normally stays open till 5 but he was closing early, so I guess we got there just in time.  We ended up with about a pound and a half of greens for free.  Most of them are mustard greens but they are really good.

So, that got me thinking, perhaps stopping by the Farmer's market (or any local road side stand) shortly before they pack it up for the night is the best way to go.  You never know what you might score.  And, it never hurts to become a regular either for getting a few extra deals here and there.  We aren't quite regulars yet, but I have a feeling by the end of the summer we will be.