Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free 7 Day Pass to Bally Total Fitness

If joining the gym and getting fit is on your Resolution list this year, Bally has an offer to get you started.


Get started right! Start achieving your fitness goals and get a free 7 day guest membership. .

Free Sister Hazel Album: 11411

Right now on Amazon, download the full 11411 [Amazon MP3 Exclusive album from Sister Hazel

This is just a day of great Freebies!

3 FREE bottles of Nail Polish

From Zoya.  Click here for the details.

Update on Wal-mart Accepting Competitor Coupon

Wal-mart can't seem to make up their mind on whether they are or are not taking competitor coupons.  I had a feeling when I first read the wording on the Wal-mart circular that at best what it would mean was that they would accept competitor coupons that state a specific price (rather than allowing you to stack a .50 off from Target on top of a $1 off Manufacturer Q).  The idea I had would put it basically the same as their already stated price matching policy.  It seems that I was right after all, at least according to this article on MSN.

Free 1lb of Fresh Chicken at EarthFare

Check out this coupon for a free lb of Fresh Chicken at EarthFare.  If you have a Publix nearby, and don't forget you can use this at Publix too (if EarthFare is considered a competitor)

Free Samples at FreeFlys

There are a few new free samples available today at FreeFlys.....
 And other Free Samples you might like....

2 Coupon Inserts Sunday

If your coupon holder is feeling a little light still (hard to believe after all those coupons last Sunday), do not fear... This Sunday's paper will contain 2 more inserts for you to dig through. 

Click Here to See What you Can Expect

As for me, I'm still not done clipping all the ones from last weekend... so I guess I better get busy!