Friday, April 8, 2011

Still Haven't Filed Your Taxes? Do it For Free!

Taxes are due in just 6 days, and if you haven't filed yet it's not too late to do them for free.  Both H&R Block and TurboTax have free offerings available allowing your to prepare, print & e-file your taxes for free.  Spend the weekend with your income statements, try them both and see which one gives you the better return. (I'm hoping they come out pretty close to the same, if they are that far apart there's really something wrong).

Free to prepare, print, and e-file! It's easy and guaranteed to be accurate! H&R Block

Turbo Tax Guides you to your Maximum Refund! Prepare, print, e-file FREE!

CVS Feminine Hygiene Clearance

I also found several feminine hygiene products on clearance, including:

  • Yeast Gard Feminine Wash 20% Off = $7.99
  • Yeast Gard Advanced Gel 60% Off = $3.59
  • Me Again Vaginal Moisturizer 80% Off = $2.99
  • Me Again Intimate Arousal lubricant 80% Off = $3.99

Grocery Clearance Deals at CVS

While at CVS this afternoon I noticed quite a few Clearance signs throughout the store, and several in the grocery section, including

  • Old El Paso Jalepenos 50% Off = $.88
  •  Gold Medal Flour 50% Off = $.99
  • Smuckers Squeeze grape 50% = $2.10
  • Good Seasoning Italian dressing mix 50% = $2.25

Sunday Coupon Preview

It looks like we should be getting two inserts again this week, one SmartSource and one Redplum, each with a few good coupons.  My top three for the week...
  • A.1. $1/1 bottle steak sauce or marinde 10oz or larger (5/8) - currently BOGO at Publix
  • ALL $1/1 any laundry detergent (5/22)
  • Snuggle $0.75/1 any fabric softener liquid or dryer sheets (5/22)
What are your top picks? Check out the Sunday Coupon Preview and share!

Free Sample: John Frieda Frizz Ease

Tame those fly-away hairs with a free sample of John Frieda Frizz Ease.  Just head over to Facebook and "like" John Frieda first then select the "Smooth Style" tab.

Just a heads up, I had some trouble with this one. Even though I'd liked John Frieda's page a while back, after filling out the form it told me I hadn't.  I had to go back to the very beginning and start over.  But, the second time was the charm and it went through for me.

Free Shirt from Bacardi!

Head over to Facebook and "like" Barcardi then sign up for a Free T-shirt. Here's wishing they'd send a free bottle of Bacardi with it (but I'm pretty sure that's against the law - at least in my state :( )

Free Sample: U by Kotex

I have to admit (and maybe it's TMI) this isn't my favorite brand, but then again they don't make my favorite brand anymore (do you remember when OB came out with their applicator tampon?).

But, FREE is free, and I really don't know why I even buy these things anymore with all the free samples available. So here it is again....

Free Sample of U by Kotex

Epson Stylus ALL-IN-ONE with wifi $59.99

Today's Amazon Deal of the Day is quite a deal, I have a perfectly good All-in-One and I'm considering buying this as a back-up for when this one inevitably dies.

This Epson Stylus NX625 Color InkJet All-in-One (C11CA70271) is normally priced at $129.99. I can't believe the way these Wifi Networked all-in-one's have come down in price so much since I bought my last one.

I'd act fast on this one, it won't be around past today for sure (4/8/11) and I wouldn't be surprised if it sells out before that.

Breyers Ice Cream Coupon

Coupon for .75/1 Breyers Blast ice cream (48oz).  This stuff goes on sale BOGO at Publix about once a month or so, so print two and hang on for a sale :)

Coupon Fraud on Extreme Couponing?

Have you read Jill Cataldo's recent blog posts about the potential coupon fraud on Extreme Couponing?  All I can say is WOW! I didn't even know this type of thing was possible.  When I originally read about J'aime's history of posting Youtube videos featuring coupon fraud, I just assumed that somehow she had gotten a cashier to push through coupons that weren't meant for the items she was buying, but to think that there is some sort of way you could push through items based on their UPC codes.  That takes some serious effort.  Add to that that this girl is a paralegal and therefore surely knows the laws (at least I could hope so).  WOW!

I am curious to see how this is going to impact the future of the show, and how the show, itself, will react to these claims.  As Jill pointed out, we did not see every bit of footage of her trip and it's possible that she did buy the items that were listed on the coupons she used without us seeing them.  However, if she didn't, all I can say is I hope she gets prosecuted and this footage is used against her.

As Jill pointed out some ask why it matters and that it doesn't really affect anyone, but it does.  We've already seen it in the way that stores are continually updating their coupon policy to try to head off issues.  Publix recently installed a new computer system with the sole purpose of having a better check in place to ensure that the items you are using coupons for are actually items you've purchased.  So long as you are couponing ethically, there's really nothing to worry about.  Well, nothing except updated coupon policies that may prevent you from even using coupons "the right way" as those of us who choose to be honest are being punished for the actions of those who abuse the system.

$1 Off Alexia Product

I absolutely LOVE Alexia oven fries.  I ate almost a whole bag of them in one day (and I've eaten and entire bag of them in one day!).  The great thing is that they aren't really unhealthy because they use olive oil and herbs and they are oven baked instead of fried, but you'd never know it in the taste (which is ALL GOOD).

Click here for a $1 Off Coupon