Friday, December 31, 2010

Spending Goals For the New Year

As I head into my first full year of doing this Money Saving Mode thing, shopping sales and using coupons, I've decided to set a few goals for myself on spending. I would call them New Years Resolutions, but we all know what happens to those.
  • Cut Grocery/Drugstore spending to $50/wk - this is an average amount. We use the envelope system so what remains from a previous budgeting period (2 weeks, for us) rolls over to the next period.  I'd like to see this get cut even further as the year progresses (but for the start of the year, we'll be going down to $50/wk).
  • Reduce OOP spending at drugstores to no more than $5/wk.  This one is going to be tricky, but I know it's something I need to do and it will keep me from stockpiling too much of some things that we will probably never get around to using (like the never-ending supply of shampoo and conditioner we already have).  I'll be recording these purchases here so you can help keep me honest.

4 Coupon Inserts This Sunday

The start of the new year and Sunday should be a very good day to pick up a newspaper.  There are expected to be 4 coupon inserts this week.  For details on which ones to expect, check out the Sunday Coupon Preview here