Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ulta Beauty - 20% off In-store or Online

Right now there is a coupon on Ulta's website to save 20% off your purchase in-store or online. To print the coupon for use in-store, click here, if you are shopping online, just be sure to enter coupon: 47708 at check-out.

Making Friends Monday

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Last Day to Order with 2Day Shipping on Amazon

If you are an Amazon Prime member, there are just 2 days left to order and get your free 2 Day Shipping and have it in time for Christmas. If you have really procrastinated this late, don't worry here's a few ideas for you....

Stocking Stuffers
Gifts For Her
Gifts For Him
For the Eternal Host
For the One Who Has it All

And the two things that I believe no one should have to live without.....

Hobby Lobby 40% Off 1 Item This Week

I can't believe I got to Hobby Lobby yesterday and forgot my coupon :(  Big BOOOOOO.  I won't do it again and neither should you.  This is probably the last week we'll see this coupon for a while so make sure to take advantage of it and while you are there check out their Christmas since it's all 50% off or better, already.

40% off Coupon (good in store or online)

Major Coat Sale at Amazon

If you are needing a new coat to face the serious cold we are seeing this year, you may want to check out - they are having a massive sale with Outerwear at 75% off.  Almost makes me wish I hadn't just bought a coat a week ago.

75% off Outerwear

Two Deals on Burts Bees

Today's Daily Deal on Target is for Burt's Bees gift sets. There are several different ones listed there, starting at just $4.99 and including free shipping.

View the deals

Another great deal on Burts Bees is this week at Rite Aid.
  • Spend $5 get a $1+UP
  • Spend $15 get a $4+UP
  • Spend $25 get a $8+UP
So you can order from Target, or hit up your local Rite Aid and either way you'll score a good deal on Burts Bees!

Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese Review & Coupons

I just posted a new poll. This weeks question is whether or not you've tried a new product, that you wouldn't have tried otherwise, just because you had a coupon.

I'll admit it, we've tried quite a few new products in the last few months only because they were free or very cheap thanks to coupons. For me, prices have to be a lot lower if I'm going to try a new product I've never tried before.

Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese (the stuff in the blue bag). I started off with a $2/1 coupon that I used when I found these on sale at Kroger for $2.25. I'm not sure what the deal was on the second bag and I'm surprised I bought a second bag before trying the first one. However, I was glad I did when I managed to pour the first bag down the garbage disposal while draining the pasta.

When I finally got the second bag made, I did enjoy it. However, flavor-wise it's not much different than Shells & Cheese, but with a bread crumb topping. The instructions give you an "oven finish" option, which I didn't bother with. I just sprinkled the crumbs on top and ate it. It was good and I bought more - but I still went cheap, using coupons to get BOGO or better. I can't see paying full price for this stuff as it's just not that much better than regular M&C, and definitely not enough of an improvement over Shells & Cheese (using the same velveeta-like creamy cheese.

If you are interested in trying Homestyle M&C, you can grab a BOGO coupon here by playing a little roulette style game. You can also pick up BOGO coupons for regular M&C and Easy Mac