Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All In One Photo Printer Deal

Office Depot has this deal on the Epson Artisan 810 AIO.  I bought this printer probably 6 months or so ago at Best Buy and have been quite happy with it. I chose it over other AIO's available at the time mainly because it was rated well and because it was one of the only ones that still uses 5 different ink cartridges (whereas most are moving back to just 4).  This is no longer the newest model on the market, so the discount makes sense and I'm sure you can beat their regular price online somewhere, but from what I've read this is the best price for this item right now.

I will say I have one complaint about this machine.  It's really not made for lots of low end printing (the way I've been using it lately).  It doesn't want to take as much paper as I think it should at once, and if I load too much it declares paper jam and has me running back up the stairs to see what's going on (I've since learned to load the paper, press start and wait to see if it's going to print before I leave the room).

Ink use has been quite reasonable (despite the complaints I'd read online before buying it).  It's actually much better on ink than the HP AIO I had previously.  Wireless setup on this thing is super simple, as well.

FREE Books

yeah, I know... that's what the library is for. But, I don't like to be locked into their terms... and sometimes I like to own my books.  So, I'm all about finding ways to get to own my books for little to not cost.

Until I discovered better options, I would just shop the clearance rack at my local Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million, but now I've found better ways.

1. PaperbackSwap.com - There are a few sites like this out there, but this one is TOTALLY FREE.  The only thing you pay is shipping when you send a book out to another member.  When you sign up they automatically give you 1 free credit and then another after you list so many books (I think it's 10) that you are willing to pass on to others.  Then when someone wants one of your books, you take it off the shelf, package it up and send it out (paying the shipping).  In exchange for that book you sent someone else, you get a credit to request a book from someone else (FREE of charge).  They even let you print the postage directly from their site (there is a small fee for loading postage credit, but if you want to make a run to the post office that's free).  I love this site!

2. Read it Forward - I just found out about this site a couple of months ago and I've already gotten one book for free through it.  It's sort of a contest/sweepstakes site for books.  About once a month they post a new book that they are offering up and you enter your info. If you are chosen, they send you the book.  Then once you read it you can post it on paperbackswap and trade it for another book :)

Time Saving Mode

I've been raving about Remember the Milk to everyone I've talked to this week. I found it via another blog and now I'm sharing it with you.  This is a FREE (yes, FREE) online ToDo List.  Since it's online you can access it from any computer. You can also add list items by emailing yourself (from your phone, perhaps).  And for just a few bucks ($25/yr, I think) you can upgrade to the PRO account, which will let you integrate with your smart phone (Iphone, Android, Blackberry, etc).

I've only been using this program for a few days and it just keeps getting better each time I use it.  You can set up events that repeat on a regular basis, and even include notes within them (ie. your grocery list within the reminder to get groceries).  Time IS money as they say and Remember the Milk saves you both!

New CoffeeMate Coupon

If you drink as much coffee as we do you'll like this one.

$1/1 Coffee Mate Coupon - just go to their Facebook Page and Click the Coupon tab, or just click here. You should be able to print it twice.

This week the Coffee Mate is on sale at Walgreen BOGO for $2.49 (so after the coupon it would be .50 for 2). It's also on sale 4/$5 as part of the Yellow Advantage Sale at Publix (giving you the same after coupon cost). If you haven't already printed it (and if it's still available to you) you may also be able to get this $1.50/1 coupon (which would give you at least 1 for free - I think it will also let you print it twice).  If you can get both then you can get 4 bottles for just .50!