Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All In One Photo Printer Deal

Office Depot has this deal on the Epson Artisan 810 AIO.  I bought this printer probably 6 months or so ago at Best Buy and have been quite happy with it. I chose it over other AIO's available at the time mainly because it was rated well and because it was one of the only ones that still uses 5 different ink cartridges (whereas most are moving back to just 4).  This is no longer the newest model on the market, so the discount makes sense and I'm sure you can beat their regular price online somewhere, but from what I've read this is the best price for this item right now.

I will say I have one complaint about this machine.  It's really not made for lots of low end printing (the way I've been using it lately).  It doesn't want to take as much paper as I think it should at once, and if I load too much it declares paper jam and has me running back up the stairs to see what's going on (I've since learned to load the paper, press start and wait to see if it's going to print before I leave the room).

Ink use has been quite reasonable (despite the complaints I'd read online before buying it).  It's actually much better on ink than the HP AIO I had previously.  Wireless setup on this thing is super simple, as well.

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