Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FREE Books

yeah, I know... that's what the library is for. But, I don't like to be locked into their terms... and sometimes I like to own my books.  So, I'm all about finding ways to get to own my books for little to not cost.

Until I discovered better options, I would just shop the clearance rack at my local Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million, but now I've found better ways.

1. PaperbackSwap.com - There are a few sites like this out there, but this one is TOTALLY FREE.  The only thing you pay is shipping when you send a book out to another member.  When you sign up they automatically give you 1 free credit and then another after you list so many books (I think it's 10) that you are willing to pass on to others.  Then when someone wants one of your books, you take it off the shelf, package it up and send it out (paying the shipping).  In exchange for that book you sent someone else, you get a credit to request a book from someone else (FREE of charge).  They even let you print the postage directly from their site (there is a small fee for loading postage credit, but if you want to make a run to the post office that's free).  I love this site!

2. Read it Forward - I just found out about this site a couple of months ago and I've already gotten one book for free through it.  It's sort of a contest/sweepstakes site for books.  About once a month they post a new book that they are offering up and you enter your info. If you are chosen, they send you the book.  Then once you read it you can post it on paperbackswap and trade it for another book :)

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