Friday, January 14, 2011

Read It Forward

Have you checked out ReadItForward yet?  If you love to read, this is a great way to not only get some free books, but get to read books before they are mass released.  When you sign up you are "entered to win" the book you sign up for.  I have received at least 4 different books from ReadItFoward in the last 4 months and there was only 1 that I requested that I wasn't able to gett .

The books you receive are ARC (Advanced Reader Copies), many times these books are available before the book is released or you will get a paperback when only the hardcover copy of the book is available.  On the back of the book there is a note sheet where you can fill out what you loved about the book and why you think a particular friend will enjoy the book.  The idea is to pass the book on when you are finished reading.

The current giveaway is for Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran, you can sign up to win a copy here until January 20.  Be sure to like them on Facebook or sign up for their email list for early notifications of future book giveaways.

Stepping By Saturday Blog Hop

Check out this blog hop where you may find some more blogs to help you find great deals :)

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CVS Plan of Attack 1/16/11

CVS sent many of it's Extra Care cardholder customers another $4/20 coupon in the email this week. I plan to make use of mine on Sunday with the following deals:

Listerine .5L $3.99 (get $1ECB) Limit 2
$7.98 - (2)$1 coupons = $5.98
get $2 ECB - 2/$3.98

Colgate Total $2.99 (get $1ECB) Limit 2
$5.98 - (2)$1 coupons = $3.98
get $2 ECB = 2/$2

Blink Tears $7.99 (get $4ECB)
- $1 Q = $6.99 - possibly a $4Q on box = $3.99
get $4ECB = $2.99

$16.95 - $4/20Q = $12.95 - $10ECB = $2.95+tax OOP
(if the $4Q for Blink is on the box) = $13.95 - $4/20 - $10ECB = pay just tax OOP

Oh and I'll get back $8 in ECBs for later (even better that they will be in small increments making them easier to use than these big $10 ECBs I'm carrying around now).

Gatorade Deal at CVS

If your household goes through Gatorade like mine does you might want to get to CVS in the next few days and snag this deal.  They have 32oz Gatorade on sale 5/$5 and if you buy $20 worth you'll get a $10 ECB back to use towards another purchase, making the Gatorade just .50/bottle.

I've got to get by there today and see if they have G2 on this sale, as that's all my hubby drinks (and the massive stockpile we built up back when Kroger had a similar deal is about to run out).

The Coupon Bubble

My husband and I play poker.  There's a term in poker tournaments for when you go out of the tournament 1 spot too early to make any money.  If you'd stayed in just a little longer you would have gotten paid, but for whatever reason you are going home empty-handed.

I believe that coupons have a Bubble too.  The Bubble seems to vary a little bit from area to area (and even store to store), but basically it's that point where your coupon is just slightly the wrong amount.  My local stores will double coupons up to .50, so a .50 coupon is just as good as a $1 coupon.  However, a .55 coupon is The Bubble.  Had it been just .05 lower it would have doubled!  But, it wasn't so instead of getting that $1 off, I feel like I'm losing out on .45!

Some stores will double UP TO $1 (so a .55 coupon would be increased to $1) and others still will double the $1 ones, and some won't double at all.  When stores double they only get reimbursed by the manufacturer for the coupon amount, so they are basically absorbing the difference.  So, while I may hate the Coupon Bubble, I'll just be happy to have any coupon at all and be glad that my stores do double up to .50!

What's your coupon bubble?