Thursday, December 16, 2010

Silk Eggnog (and other flavors) Price Cut at Target to $1.50

I've been wanting to try this stuff but it's on sale everywhere else for $2.50. Of course, I have a coupon but it's for .55/1 (just enough to not get doubled) and I still didn't want to spend that much on something I didn't know if I'd like. I do enjoy EggNog and I've gotten to where I like the Vanilla Silk Soy Milk, so I thought perhaps the Silk Eggnog would be good.

So while we were at Target tonight, I was quite happy to see it on sale for just $1.50, putting it at under $1 with my .55/1 coupon.

Just an FYI: Their other holiday flavors include Pumpkin Spice and Mint Chocolate... my hubby wanted to buy these two just to put in his coffee (until he looked at the sugar)

*EDIT* I just tried it and it's quite good. I actually think I like it better than regular egg nog, it has all the flavor but it's not so thick like regular eggnog. I usually find myself "milk"ing my Eggnog down (mixing it about 1/2 with milk), but this is good just as it is.

CrockPot $12.99 at Target

Paul just bought a Crockpot, for me, last year after hearing me complain for the last year or so before that about how the cheap one I had did not have a "keep warm" setting (only low or high). Nothing like a crockpot that burns your chili. He did awesome last year and bought me a set that included a 6qt Crockpot and a 1qt Crockpot. The only problem (and this was his complaint not mine) was that the 6qut (which I use often) is large and heavy and I can't (due to back issues) pick the thing up from under the stove and put it on the counter. So, whenever I wanted to use it, he had to pull it out for me.

So, when I saw this deal I mentioned it to him and we had to pick up one up tonight. This deal is only good for 2 more days probably, so you may want to act fast if there is someone on your list that wants a Crockpot this year.

Target has the 4qt Rival Crockpot on sale for just $15. On top of that already really good price, there is a coupon on the Target website for 20% Crockpot, dropping the price down to just $12.99. I am quite happy to say that this is really a much better sized cooker for us (since there are just 2 of us) and I can easily pick this one up on my own (amazing what a difference 2 quarts make).

Free Shipping Day - Tomorrow - 12/17

If you are ordering from sites other than Amazon this year and haven't already finished your shopping, tomorrow may be the day to do it. If you are ordering from Amazon, see my previous post.

For just about every other site on the planet, tomorrow is FREE SHIPPING day... Basically, it's the last day to order and know you will get your order before Christmas, and to make it worth your while to order online rather than run to your local mall, just about every website on the planet is offering you FREE SHIPPING. For a pretty comprehensive list of sites offering FREE shipping tomorrow, check out this site.

Free Canvas Still Available

There are several really good deals going around online right now, but this is one that I can speak of personally. Canvas People, once again, is offering their 8x10 canvas for free. You select YOUR picture and they will put it on canvas for you. If you want a larger size, they will take $55 off your order. For the 8x10 canvas, all you pay is shipping. This is an awesome deal!

You may recall that I took advantage of this deal several months ago. We ended up quite happy with our canvas and actually ordered a second one. This is an awesome gift, especially for the Mom or Grandmom in your life.

Gone! Free Kotex Sample

KotexGet a free sample of KOTEX® Regular Maxi Pads and KOTEX® Fresh & Dry™ Long Liners*.

BOOO!! This deal is already gone. Hate it when that happens.

Free Subscription to American Baby Magazine

Whether you are a Mom, a Mom-to-Be or just know a mom and want to give them a great gift, here is a great deal for you. 

American Baby Magazine

And while you are at it, how bout some free samples for Expecting Moms and Dads?.


Free Baby Stuff from Planning Family

(and before people who know me well start asking, NO I'm not having a baby, but I know at least one person who is :)

Get Paid to Recycle!

This is a tidbit of info that had my digging around in the trash.  Luckily, it was just my office trash so there wasn't anything yucky in there; now that I think about it most of it should be recycled anyway.

Did you know that if you have a Staples Rewards card they will pay you $2 in Staples Rewards (which can be used to purchase anything in the store or online) for every ink cartridge you recycle at the store?  Me either! Evidently, that is the case and they will give you said $2/cartridge up to 10 cartridges a month, even better!

On top of that bit of info they will also give you another 10% back on all ink purchases.  Gotta love a deal like that!

Yes, Dear Couponing Episode Rerun

I was searching Tivo in an effort to set it to record Extreme Couponing on TLC on Dec 29 and ran across this old episode of "Yes, Dear" that is set to rerun. I thought you guys might enjoy it as well.

Jimmy and Christine take Greg and Kim on a getaway weekend, but Jimmy's use of coupons and stand-by travel leave them wondering whether they will make it out of the airport.

Showing on TBS 12/20/10 @ 08:30 AM

I also found this show you may want to check out.... (I plan to as I'd not heard of it before).

Smart Cookies -"Focus on Family" -Talking to teens about money; the evolution of coupon clipping. Airing on IONLIFE  - 12/17/10 @ 05:30 PM or 12/18/10 @ 09:00 AM

My Binder Organizer On Ebay

Ok, you may have read in the last couple of weeks about my coupon organization issues.  I'm now on my 4th organizer.  For my third organizer I attempted to go the binder route and didn't care for it.  So the binder is now listed on Ebay.

There are many other systems on Ebay just like it but I'm selling this one cheap, at just $9.99 (most of the ones like this go on Ebay for over $20, which is still less than the materials cost).  The binder alone cost me $10.

Included in this binder (in addition to what is stated in the ad) will be quite a few coupons, actually about 75% of the coupons from this last weekend's paper (and I bought 2 papers), as well as a few I've picked up in other places.

Just thought I'd share here, in case anyone might want this item, or know someone who might want this for Christmas.

Free Batteries and Hey Where's My Money?

So right now is the time to pick up some batteries, if not cheap then how bout FREE?

There are awesome deals on batteries all over the place.  Like at Rite Aid right now you can get 40 batteries (and 2 Eco Tools) for less than $5 after rebates. (thanks Hip2Save).

But, I like Free MUCH better than cheap and right now you can get some free batteries at both Staples and Office Depot.  Yes, you have to pay upfront but then you get it back via either Work Life Rewards or Staples Rewards (depending on the store).

I hit up Office Depot a couple of weeks ago to pick up a couple of packs.  Their deal is on 20 packs of Energizer Max batteries.  They are $12.99 and you get 100% back on Work Life Rewards (normally it's just 1%).  While we were there I also picked up a ream of paper (they had a good deal where I got a $15 Itunes card free for buying the paper, making it a sweet deal).  So this week I got an email updating me on my WLR status and was bothered to see that I only had a balance of just over $2!  Hey, Where's my money?!  So I had to go digging and finally found this info on their website in regards to the extra 99% back on the batteries:

Energizer® Max® AA Batteries 20 Pack qualifies for 1% back everyday. With this promotion you will receive an additional 99% back in Rewards for a total of 100%. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for additional Rewards to post to your account.

Ok, I feel better now and hopefully I've helped keep at least one other person from freaking out over their rewards.

BTW, in case you were wondering the deal at Office Depot is good through Christmas Day. 

There is a similar deal at Staples on 20 packs of Duracell batteries (AA).  In both cases there are coupons out there for $1-$1.50 off each brand which could take either of these deals from FREE to money maker.  It may just take a few weeks to get your money back, but by then you'll be needing some ink and paper after printing off all the new coupons at the beginning of the year!

Swagbucks: Extra 30SB When You Sign Up

If you haven't already signed up for SwagBucks, you may want to do so before the end of the year.  Signing up now will net you an extra 30SB when you enter code: JoinIn2010. 

This is only good for new signups (sorry, it sucks).

Once you sign up, be sure to do your searches on a daily basis.  You may need to do several searches in a row in order to earn points (when you earn points you will see a banner at the top of the page telling you how many you earned).  You can earn Swag Bucks for searching two times a day, so do some searches in the morning until you earn some Swag Bucks, then do some more in the evening to earn again!  It really is that easy.

I also found another great way to earn some SwagBucks this last week.  Do you Groupon? If so, then be sure to go to Swagbucks before you purchase your deal and click on "daily deals"; you'll see Groupon Deals and Living Social Deals, as well as other Daily Deals that you can earn Swagbucks for completing.  This was something I just happened upon and it just so happened that there was a deal that day that I was already planning to purchase.  Now that I know, I'll be going that route before purchasing any daily deals.

Search & Win