Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Binder Organizer On Ebay

Ok, you may have read in the last couple of weeks about my coupon organization issues.  I'm now on my 4th organizer.  For my third organizer I attempted to go the binder route and didn't care for it.  So the binder is now listed on Ebay.

There are many other systems on Ebay just like it but I'm selling this one cheap, at just $9.99 (most of the ones like this go on Ebay for over $20, which is still less than the materials cost).  The binder alone cost me $10.

Included in this binder (in addition to what is stated in the ad) will be quite a few coupons, actually about 75% of the coupons from this last weekend's paper (and I bought 2 papers), as well as a few I've picked up in other places.

Just thought I'd share here, in case anyone might want this item, or know someone who might want this for Christmas.

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