Thursday, December 16, 2010

Free Batteries and Hey Where's My Money?

So right now is the time to pick up some batteries, if not cheap then how bout FREE?

There are awesome deals on batteries all over the place.  Like at Rite Aid right now you can get 40 batteries (and 2 Eco Tools) for less than $5 after rebates. (thanks Hip2Save).

But, I like Free MUCH better than cheap and right now you can get some free batteries at both Staples and Office Depot.  Yes, you have to pay upfront but then you get it back via either Work Life Rewards or Staples Rewards (depending on the store).

I hit up Office Depot a couple of weeks ago to pick up a couple of packs.  Their deal is on 20 packs of Energizer Max batteries.  They are $12.99 and you get 100% back on Work Life Rewards (normally it's just 1%).  While we were there I also picked up a ream of paper (they had a good deal where I got a $15 Itunes card free for buying the paper, making it a sweet deal).  So this week I got an email updating me on my WLR status and was bothered to see that I only had a balance of just over $2!  Hey, Where's my money?!  So I had to go digging and finally found this info on their website in regards to the extra 99% back on the batteries:

Energizer® Max® AA Batteries 20 Pack qualifies for 1% back everyday. With this promotion you will receive an additional 99% back in Rewards for a total of 100%. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for additional Rewards to post to your account.

Ok, I feel better now and hopefully I've helped keep at least one other person from freaking out over their rewards.

BTW, in case you were wondering the deal at Office Depot is good through Christmas Day. 

There is a similar deal at Staples on 20 packs of Duracell batteries (AA).  In both cases there are coupons out there for $1-$1.50 off each brand which could take either of these deals from FREE to money maker.  It may just take a few weeks to get your money back, but by then you'll be needing some ink and paper after printing off all the new coupons at the beginning of the year!

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