Thursday, December 16, 2010

Silk Eggnog (and other flavors) Price Cut at Target to $1.50

I've been wanting to try this stuff but it's on sale everywhere else for $2.50. Of course, I have a coupon but it's for .55/1 (just enough to not get doubled) and I still didn't want to spend that much on something I didn't know if I'd like. I do enjoy EggNog and I've gotten to where I like the Vanilla Silk Soy Milk, so I thought perhaps the Silk Eggnog would be good.

So while we were at Target tonight, I was quite happy to see it on sale for just $1.50, putting it at under $1 with my .55/1 coupon.

Just an FYI: Their other holiday flavors include Pumpkin Spice and Mint Chocolate... my hubby wanted to buy these two just to put in his coffee (until he looked at the sugar)

*EDIT* I just tried it and it's quite good. I actually think I like it better than regular egg nog, it has all the flavor but it's not so thick like regular eggnog. I usually find myself "milk"ing my Eggnog down (mixing it about 1/2 with milk), but this is good just as it is.

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