Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Free Kindle Books

All of these books are currently free (as of 1/3/12), but be sure to check the price before you purchase to make sure it hasn't changed.

No Shelter (Holly Lin, No. 1) - "Holly Lin is living two lives. To her friends and family, she's a pleasant, hardworking nanny. To her boss and colleagues, she's one of the best non-sanctioned government assassins in the world. But when a recent mission goes wrong causing one of her team members to die, she realizes she might no longer be cut out for the work -- except the mission, as it turns out, is only half over, and to complete it will take her halfway across the world and bring her face to face with a ghost from her past."

Gone to Green - "Lois Barker, a successful big-city journalist, never imagined ending up in the tiny town of Green, La. She never guessed that within months she would unexpectedly inherit a smalltown newspaper. She never believed she would leave her rising-star career impulsively after a quiet, inner prompting urged, Go... I'll help you."

(W)hole - "Elizabeth Foster is a young woman with a promising future. She has the perfect family in a nice neighborhood and she is getting ready to graduate from high school and begin her life. The only problem is a dark secret that she has kept hidden all her life. No one would ever guess that the quiet and shy girl has a rare sexuality. She is only attracted to men with physical disabilities. "

The 30-Minute Wine Expert: Amaze Your Friends With Your Wine Expertise - "This book is designed to put you on the fast track to educating you on the core fundamentals of wine, while sparing your precious time. It wastes no time with the non-essential and dives right into the "meat" - what you need to know to sample wine, discuss various wines with your friends, and how to enhance your enjoyment of wine and food by properly pairing them."

Learn Me Good - " Jack Woodson was a thermal design engineer for four years until he was laid off from his job. Now, as a teacher, he faces new challenges. Conference calls have been replaced with parent conferences. Product testing has given way to standardized testing. Instead of business cards, Jack now passes out report cards. The only thing that hasn't changed noticeably is the maturity level of the people surrounding him all day. Learn Me Good is a hilarious first-person account, inspired by real life experiences. Through a series of emails to Fred Bommerson, his buddy who still works at Heat Pumps Unlimited, Jack chronicles a year-in-the-life of a brand new teacher. With subject lines such as "Irritable Vowel Syndrome," "In math class, no one can hear you scream," and "I love the smell of Lysol in the morning," Jack writes each email with a dash of sarcasm and plenty of irreverent wit. "

Rethinking PowerPoint: Designing & Delivering Presentations That Engage The Mind - "Rethinking PowerPoint describes how to create and deliver compelling presentations that make the content stick, using techniques drawn from psychology, film, and design.."

Old Tyme Salad Recipes (Old Tyme Recipes) - "These recipes for salads were dug up from attics, yard sales, basements etc. Everyone of them is from before 1950 with some going back into the 1600s. Recipes our ancestors made. They have been kept as close to the originals as possible but due to changes in the English language, some have been edited for clarity. "

Olde Tyme Recipes Soups, Stews, Chowders and Purées - " Soups, when properly prepared, are nourishing, as well as wholesome. Many of the plain soups can be made without much trouble, and with little expense. It is an acknowledged fact that a good soup or a broth is a most nutritive and sustaining diet. By partaking of good soup one is better prepared to enjoy the more solid portion of a meal."

Free E-books for Financial & Physical Fitness!

These 3 e-books should help you get both financially and physically fit as we enter the new year. As always be sure to double check the price before purchasing (as prices can change at any time).

The Fairy Godmother's Guide to Finance for Couples - "Financial planning doesn't have to be hard to do - or hard to talk about. In this little book, the Fairy Godmother teaches couples how to share their dreams and turn them into goals. She gives them the tools they need to reach their goals, from IRAs to life insurance, all in a simple and easy to understand style. "

Saving for Retirement without Living Like a Pauper or Winning the Lottery - "Over the years, Chicago Tribune financial columnist Gail MarksJarvis has taken the time to listen and respond to thousands of her readers about the issues, questions, and concerns that are most important to them. Saving and investing for retirement has never been more important...and with this book, it’s never been clearer what you need to do and how to do it. "

From Garage Sale to Financial Freedom in Five Steps - "a comprehensive guide to creating a work at home business and achieving financial freedom. This treatment of the subject includes personal examples from a successful entrepreneur which provide the reader with insight into the nature of consumerism and how to exploit it to their own benefit. McFergus teaches buying and selling for profit from the ground up. Often humorous and occasionally outrageous, McFergus has written the ultimate "how-to" book for those seeking financial freedom. The world's second oldest profession is given a modern update with secrets and tips unlike any other book on the subject. "

Get fit! (52 Brilliant Little Ideas) - "Get fit! is the indispensable guide to improving general fitness and getting the most out of your workouts. Packed with down-to-earth, simple and effective advice, Get fit! will help you find ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, develop a healthier and more balanced lifestyle and take your first steps towards a fitter, healthier and happier way of life. "

Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast! - "The latest medical research shows hormones are the key to weight loss. Your hormones control how your body uses the foods you eat, whether it's used for energy or stored as fat. The Perfect 10 Diet balances these key hormones so you: * Lose weight fast without going hungry (hunger wrecks diets) * Have more energy! * Start to lose weight without exercising (up to 80 pounds) * Reverse the aging process and look younger for life"