Monday, December 13, 2010

Attention Publix Shoppers

Be sure to check out Passionate Penny Pincher for Laurie's preview of this week's sale at Publix, complete with coupon match-ups/ links.

A few of the deals, I'm most interested in include:

  • Betty Crocker boxed Potatos BOGO $1.59 (or .89e)
    -- .50/2 or $1/2 printables available, either way 2/.59
  • Cool Whip tubs BOGO $1.49 (.75e)
    -- stack .50/2 Target printable with $1/2 manufacturer printable and get 2/FREE
  • Mueller's pasta BOGO $1.29 (.65e)
    -- use (2) .55/1 coupons = 2/.19
  • Ore-Ida hash browns BOGO $2.95 ($1.47e)
    -- use $2/2 Ore-Ida Target coupon (from 12/12 paper) AND  $1/1 from blinkie machine = 2/FREE
  •  Wesson Vegetable Oil BOGO $3.79 ($1.90e)
    --.40/1 coupon = 1/$1.10
This looks to be a very cheap week for me at Publix (while still walking away with a good amount of groceries).  Check out PPP  and let me know how the week at Publix is looking for you.

Groupon Review

I've bought two different deals now from Groupon.  The first was a "national" deal offered in a different city for - $10 for $20 worth of product plus free shipping.  This was in my first few days of checking out the Groupons and before I really looked at, I jumped on the deal.  Honestly, their prices are kinda high, so I really feel like I only got about $10 worth of product for that $10.  Sometimes the deals work that way... that's why I can't stress enough doing your homework and checking out a deal before you buy, rather than just getting caught up in "getting a deal" as I did.

The second deal we bought was one of the first deals (if not the first) that was made available in my city (like, last week).  It was for 2 tickets to a show at one of our local theaters for just $24.  Both shows were Christmas themed shows; The 3 Redneck Tenors Christmas Spec-Tac-U-Lare or the It's a Wonderful Life radio show.  We had considered going to see the 3 Redneck Tenors show but were unwilling to pay full price ($32/each) for the show since we had no idea what to expect (it could be either really bad or really good).  But at over 60% off, we couldn't pass it up. 

As soon as my Groupon was confirmed I tried to call the theater to get our seats and was told that I had to wait till the next day (after the Groupon closed) to call for our seats.  At this point I was already looking at their seating chart and was getting a little worried as there weren't a whole lot of seats available for any of the shows, and there was only one of the four shows that we knew we could get to.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that we wouldn't end up wasting $24.  When I called the next day I was pleasantly surprised when the girl asked me about our seating preference rather than just giving me whatever popped up first.  I told her we really didn't have one but would like center section if they had any.  They did.  As it turned out our seats were quite good, as was the show.

The show itself was great, as has been everything we've seen at this theater, and would have been well worth paying full price for, had we done so.  But, thanks to Groupon, we didn't have to.  We got to see a great show for less than half the price of what most of those around us paid!

So why am I telling you all this? Because I can totally understand why you'd be a little skeptical about daily deal sites, I know I am.  But, there's no reason to be skeptical about what you will get from  Sure you have to do some homework and make sure the deal is actually worth the price you are paying, but you don't have to worry about Groupon not carrying out their end of the deal.

Another thing to consider is the possibility of gifting a Groupon.  There's been a lot of discussion about this idea among those of us who like to save money (who doesn't like to save money?).  As I think about it more and more I'm thinking this would be a great gift for someone you weren't going to see in person.  I'm not so sure about gifting something like this in person.  To me, it's kind of like giving someone a picture of the item you ordered for them but it hasn't arrived yet.  Here's your gift, you just have to go here and claim it... or something like that.  What are your thoughts? How would you feel about getting something like this as a gift? Would it bother you to know they didn't pay "retail"?  Would you feel comfortable giving something like this as a gift?

Local Deal: 50% off My Spirited Art Class

Today's local (Huntsville AL) deal on Living Social is 1/2 off a My Spirited Art class.  These classes are normally $35, but purchasing through Living Social will get you a 50% discount.  You don't have to choose what class you want to attend, today, in fact once you purchase the deal is good for a year!

These are the kinds of deals I look for on Groupon and Living Social because 1. They are something I will likely do anyway and 2. They don't expire so soon that you risk losing your money.

Get the deal and then let me know, maybe we can get together and go to a class (I'll bring the wine!)

Yoplait - Free Cup and Coupon

In my effort to eat Yogurt while avoiding aspertame (Equal), I've grown quite fond of Yoplait yogurt cups. They seem to be about the only one left to offer a non-lite version with good flavor options.  It seems like while everyone else is busy trying to put out more and more diet flavors they've forgotten that some of us would rather have the original.

Go here to sign up to have Yoplait send you a coupon for a free cup of Yoplait yogurt. 

Coupon for .50/4 cups

Don't worry, if you'd rather have the Lite version, I'm sure the coupons will be good for either.

Jingle Cash at Walgreens

I'm about to get to the point where I don't even want to deal with Walgreens.  I reported in my last post about the BIC deal not working.  The other issue I ran into today was the cashier (and supervisor) telling me that I could only use ONE Jingle Cash coupon per transaction.  Yet, another new twist with the Jingle Cash.  I'd received $16 worth of Jingle Cash last week (a $15 coupon and a $1 coupon).  The girl tells me this as she tries to hand me back the $15 coupon.  I handed it back to her and said, "Well if you can only use ONE, then use this one".

I also found that while I spent more than $25 before coupons and Jingle Cash, I did not get another $5 Jingle Cash coupon.  So evidently, the spend $25/get $5 in JC isn't rolling (much like the JC deals on Black Friday).  I kind of expected this as someone else had reported yesterday that JC wasn't printing unless you spent $25 AFTER coupons and JC, but I was still hoping.

Update on Walgreens BIC deal

I just returned from Walgreens where I was denied on the deal that should have netted me 2 free packs of BIC Comfort 3 razors... and I think I just figured out why.

The deal....
BIC Comfort 3 razors on sale for $3.99 BOGO
Use 2 of the $2 Bic coupons from yesterdays paper

It didn't work out that way for me, however, as the machine beeped confusing the heck out of the cashier (I'm guessing she's Christmas help... at least I hope so).  She finally tells me that all she can do is call a supervisor.  Mmmmkkay? And the problem is what? Especially since I saw at least 4 random people on the floor that looked like managers of some sort.  I think she was hoping I'd tell her she didn't have to.

I had two different coupons that beeped today.  The supervisor did an override on one, but after reading the Bic coupon told me I couldn't use two of them together.  I don't think that was the reason it beeped. Now that I think about it, I think it's because the coupon would have caused an overage and all she had to do was override it down a penny to make it work. But, since she found some reason to decline the coupon, she did so.

YMMV. And I will probably try again before the week is over at a different Walgreens.

Send Flowers Through Ebates Today for 25% Cash Back

If you need to send some flowers or a gift basket for Christmas, today is the day to do it. During Ebates Cyber Monday Sale, they have double cash back on many stores. That means....

  • 25% cash back from 1800Flowers
  • 8% cash back at Barnes & Noble PLUS there's a 16% any one item coupon
  • 35% cash back at PLUS get all coupon books for just $19.99 including shipping
  • 8% cash back at North Face and Old Navy
  • 8% cash back at Walgreens
  • 8% cash back at Sephora
  • 8% cash back at The Gap
  • 8% cash back at Godiva
That's just the beginning of the list for today's Double Cash Back madness!  So whether you haven't finished your Christmas shopping or you just want to grab some good deals while the gettin' is good, make sure you sign up for Ebates first, so you can get that cash back.

Getting Paid to Shop!

Shopping is fun already, but it can be so much better when you get a great deal.  That's what Money Saving Mode is all about; saving money and getting great deals.  But, what makes a great deal even better? Getting money back!

There are two awesome ways I've found to do that online, Ebates and Shortcuts.  And today, it's Cyber Monday II, so that means extra cash back when you shop.  If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet, today is the day to do it.

If you haven't signed up for Ebates yet, be sure to do so.  When you do, you'll get your choice of gift cards to a variety of different retailers.  Another great thing about Ebates is that they will pay you via Paypal or via check. Your choice.  This is a big bonus for me because I like to use Paypal when I shop online and now with BillMeLater on thousands of different sites on the web, including Ebay, you can choose to buy now and pay later.  Who doesn't love paying tomorrow for a hamburger today!  Choosing to shop through Ebates for things you were already going to buy not only nets you cash back but often scores you better deals with discounts only available to Ebates members, including free shipping through many merchants and cash back on Ebay purchases.

Shortcuts is also having some fantastic bumps in cash back for the holidays, including double cash back at many stores for Cyber Monday II (and nice bumps throughout the season). 

Even if you were planning to visit the store to purchase a particular item, you may want to shop online instead and choose in-store pick-up.  If the retailer is available on your state they are going to charge you sales tax whether you purchase online or in-store, so the price is the same.  Also, if they are available locally, you can return the item to the store, even if it's purchased online.  Buying for someone else? Buy it online and have it shipped directly to them, saving you huge on shipping expense.