Monday, December 13, 2010

Send Flowers Through Ebates Today for 25% Cash Back

If you need to send some flowers or a gift basket for Christmas, today is the day to do it. During Ebates Cyber Monday Sale, they have double cash back on many stores. That means....

  • 25% cash back from 1800Flowers
  • 8% cash back at Barnes & Noble PLUS there's a 16% any one item coupon
  • 35% cash back at PLUS get all coupon books for just $19.99 including shipping
  • 8% cash back at North Face and Old Navy
  • 8% cash back at Walgreens
  • 8% cash back at Sephora
  • 8% cash back at The Gap
  • 8% cash back at Godiva
That's just the beginning of the list for today's Double Cash Back madness!  So whether you haven't finished your Christmas shopping or you just want to grab some good deals while the gettin' is good, make sure you sign up for Ebates first, so you can get that cash back.

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