Friday, March 11, 2011

Coupon Policy Changes Going Around

It seems every time I turn around I'm reading about another major retailer changing their coupon policy.  So far in the last couple of weeks it's been Wal-mart, first sending out an ad that they take competitor coupons, then taking it back and saying it was a mistake and then a few weeks later they are now taking them but with limits.  It's all pretty confusing if you ask me, and evidently if you ask most people who have tried to take advantage of the changes.  I've heard as many stories of problems with stores not taking the coupons they are supposedly taking now as I have stories from those who have had success with the new policy.  Anyone who knows me, knows there is no love lost here (or gained for that matter). I avoid Wal-mart like the plague and will continue do so unless they outright start paying me to shop there.

Then, there's Kroger.  A week or so ago I'd read that there was a change coming down the pipeline that would limit the coupons they would take.  Basically no more stacking a BOGO Q with a $1/1Q or things like that.  Also, if you want to do multiple transactions you can do two but then you have to go to your car.  I'd read this back in the midst of the fiasco with the Daytona Mega Sale.  Then this week (just a week after finally confirming that you COULD use an eCoupon and a paper coupon on the same item), I heard that they are updating their computer system so that that is no longer allowed.  Kroger is just making it more and more difficult for me to shop with them.  After the fiasco with the Mega Sale we've already decided we won't shop at our closest store again which means I really do have to go out of my way to go to Kroger, and it looks like I'll be going out of my way more often.  You can check out more about the new coupon policy at Kroger on Rocket City Savings

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