Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nice Money Maker Trip to Rite Aid

You gotta love trips like this.  I'd originally thought about picking up a few more things so that I could use my $20+UP, but realized I had some smaller ones that would expire sooner, plus I had the $3/15 coupon that printed from doing their survey after the last visit.

So I bought:
3 Colgates @ $2.99 ($2+UP)
-(3) $1 coupons
1 Blink      @ $8.99 ($5+UP)
1 Veet      @ $5.84 (after 10% discount for Silver status)
-$3 coupon
= $17.80
=$5.80 + tax
(got back $21 +UPs, evidently I hit the $30 purchase for the Heart Healthy bonus and didn't know it).

So, now I'm sitting on over $30 in +UPs.  I love Rite Aid.

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