Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SWAG Code on the toolbar!

Don't know what Swag Bucks is?

It's possibly the easiest way to earn free stuff on the web.  All you have to do is sign up for an account and start earning points to get free gift certificates or other stuff.  I used it for just a couple of weeks before I earned my first gift certificate, and I'm halfway to earning another (in under 2 weeks).

Tips for using the search engine.
  • Search like you would normally search on any search engine.
  • Only click links that are what you are looking for.
  • You may have to do a few searches before you earn points. Once you earn points, stop searching, but come back later in the day and search again.  You can usually earn points twice in a day via searching.
  • I use the search box on their toolbar whenever there is a page I'm wanting to go to instead of typing in the web address.  It's an extra click, but it's worth it.

Other ways to earn points
  • You'll earn 1 point each day just for opening your browser (with their toolbar installed).
  • Answer the Daily Poll for another point each day.
  • Fill out surveys and special offers for more points.
  • Tell you friends about Swagbucks, referrals get you points.
  • Special Codes for Swagbucks on the toolbar or in their blog.  Today there is a special code in the messages on the toolbar worth 8pts.
It only takes 450 points to earn a $5 Amazon gift certificate.  I earn an average of 20 points/day just by opening my browser and doing a few searches that I'd do anyway.

Search & Win

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