Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the Gamers on Your List

Amazon is having a great promo right now on many video games & accessories (for all different platforms). Buy 1 video game/accessory Get 1 50% Sale, and many of them are already on sale.

DDR Hottest Party 3 & the DDR Controller are both part of this deal and they are also today's Deal of the Day for just $14.99 & $16.99 respectively. If you don't already have DDR, you'll need the dance pad, which is also part of the B1G1 50% off deal. So you can pick up both for just $24.50. Talk about a great deal for a gift that's perfect for the whole family! Even if you've already got the controller, and you just want Hottest Dance Party 3, this is a great deal (and you can grab one of the other games on the Buy 1 Get 1 50% Sale.

There is a HUGE selection of games on the list for this promo, so if you have a gamer on your Christmas list and you still haven't gotten their game you may want to check Amazon before you head out shopping. There's still time to get it delivered for free with regular Amazon shipping.

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