Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love The Unexpected UPS Drops

When I saw UPS pull up at my door, I couldn't help but wonder what they could be bringing me. I hadn't ordered anything this week.  What could it possibly be?  Then I opened the door and found an envelope that was obviously a book from ReadItFoward.

It's funny how you sign up for things and forget about them.  That's what happened to me, I'd entered for a copy ofSusan Heyboer O'Keefe's *Frankenstein's Monster*.  I had completely forgotten about it and didn't expect anything to be coming, but there it was waiting on my doorstep.  A brand new book, FREE!

I love my FREE books.  I've gotten about a half dozen from ReadItFoward now.

Oh, and I just checked and there is yet another offer for a FREE book on ReadItFoward's Facebook page (at least the second one this week), so be sure to go enter for all of the FREE books and let me know which ones you get.

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