Monday, January 31, 2011

Spending Goals: January Spending

Our budgeting month officially ended on Thursday, in my household. We run with our payroll on two week cycles (with a month being 4 weeks) and ending on Thursday (with payday being on Friday).

Again, it seemed as though my grocery budget just kept stretching last month and I really don't know where it all came from (although I am starting to think that some of it may have come out of my own cash fund... I'm really not sure).  I seem to be somewhat bad about "donating" my personal cash to other areas of the household (even when they don't need it).  I think it's just habit to reach into that one envelope sometimes; something I need to watch for and work on.

So the rest of the months shopping trips:
  • Target -  $4.31 (for $4.31 worth of groceries - Apples are expensive!)
  • Publix -  $1.8.05 (for 82.53 worth of groceries)
  • Publix -  .45 profit (for $16.90 worth of purchases - my favorite trip ever! Yes, he actually gave me back .45 and I gave him nothing but coupons).
  • CVS - 4.33 (for $51.80 worth of purchases)
  • CVS - $5.94 (for $15.98 worth of purchases)
  • Walgreens - $4.24 (for $25.52 worth of purchases)
  • Rite Aid - .98 (for $8.74 worth of purchases)
End of Month Totals:
Paid: $253.60 for $767.02 worth of purchases
Saved: $568.98 (or 74.18%)

So far I'm not starting the new month out very well.... but that's another story.

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