Friday, April 15, 2011

How I learned to Coupon on You Tube

After seeing my friend Victoria's coupon box on FaceBook, I sent her a message begging her to show me how to coupon.  She responded with a ton of links that pointed me in the right direction.  Her best advice though?  Search You Tube for couponing.  So I did.  There are TONS of how-tos on couponing.  The best one I found was Southern Savers

Jenny from Southern Savers literally starts at the beginning.  The plus side to learning couponing on You Tube is that there is a pause and rewind button, so if you need to hear something again, take some notes or take a break from information overload, you are able to.  Each of Jenny's videos are 6 to 10 minutes long and really breaks down how and why you do something when you coupon. 

This is the first in her series called "Introduction to Couponing: Getting Started Part 1" 

There are 3 videos in the Getting Started series, 2 on organizing your coupons and then the one that sent me on my first shopping trip (which I might add ended up being successful, but that's another post.) - The Beginner's Guide to shopping CVS.

After watching these videos, I KNEW that I could coupon, and be successful at it.

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