Friday, April 15, 2011

Green Bag Tags Free @ CVS Starting 4/17

If you shop at CVS, you NEED a Green Bag Tag.

What is a Green Bag Tag?
A Green Bag Tag is CVS' way of rewarding its customers for being earth friendly. Just bring your own re-usable bag and they will give you back $.25 for each shopping trip.

How Does it Work?
You buy a Green Bag Tag ($.99) at any CVS and then have them scan it when you check out (you will need to  bring your own bag for them to scan it, or just carry your own items out without a bag).  After every 4 scans a reward ECB for $1 will print on your receipt.  You can use this $1ECB towards anything in the store (just like any ECB).

So, How's it Free This Week?
Like I said, usually you pay $.99 for a Green Bag Tag (one time cost).  However, for the week of 4/17 if you buy a Green Bag Tag for $.99 you will instantly get a $.99 ECB on your receipt, making the Green Bag Tag free!

Do It!

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