Friday, April 15, 2011

Coupon News: TLC Looking into Allegations of Coupon Fraud

It looks like TLC has heard the backlash from couponers against the coupon user featured in the first episode of the new series of "Extreme Couponing", J'aime Kirlew.  According to this article from Entertainment Weekly,

TLC said in an exclusive statement to EW: “We have received a strong response to the premiere and are listening to and reading the various comments around the show — as with all programs, we appreciate the feedback. While the series documents extreme couponing strategies, we take any concerns about specific tactics seriously and are looking into the situation.”

So, if she is found to have committed coupon fraud what would you say her punishment should be?

1 comment:

  1. I think she should have repay the grocery store for all the fraudulent coupons used plus the postage used to send the coupons to the manufacturer. They should set an example with her. 99.9% of couponers are doing things legally and honestly. We don't want people like that ruining it for us.