Monday, April 25, 2011

Sent Hubby to the Store Trip

Since I wasn't feeling well and we needed eggs, I figured it would be smart to go ahead and give hubby my Publix list.  I did take the "stock up" items off the list (except 1) and cut it down to just the things we actually needed. 

Yogurt (Voskos on sale 10/$10)
Salad (Publix brand on sale 2/$4)
BIC razors

I wrote in the amounts next to the items corresponding to the number of coupons I was giving him - 10 BIC razors, 3 Voskos yogurt.  He texted me to say that they were out of the BIC razors.  So, I'll have to go back sometimes this week and at least get a raincheck.

He came home to tell me that he's spent the entire $20 I gave him.  How the heck?  He handed me the receipt and the first half was filled with Voskos yogurt.  How many yogurts did you buy?  Well, your list said to get 10!

I really hope I like Voskos yogurt!

So here's what the trip turned out to be....

10 Voskos Yogurt @ 10/$10
- (2) $.75/1 coupons
- (1) B2G1 free coupon
1 Spring salad mix @ 2/$4
18ct Egglands Best Eggs @ $3.49 (I should have specified that the coupon I gave him was best for the 12ct)
- (1) $.35/1 coupon
1 bag Grapefruit @ $3.29
1 bag oranges @ $3.99

= $19.57 +tax

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