Monday, April 25, 2011

Saving Star - A New Way to Save

I learned about this from Stacie over at Simply CVS, I haven't tried it yet but I'm looking forward to it.

Saving Star is a new website that you can link your savings cards up to.  Saving Star has their own coupons that you can add to your cards (add the coupons to all your cards at once), where Saving Star is really different is that instead of taking the amount off of your total (like typical e-coupons from Cellfire or Shortcuts), SavingStar tracks the savings you earn through them and when you reach $5 you can redeem your savings in the form of an gift card, Paypal credit or other options.  From what I'm seeing, it shouldn't be hard to hit $5 with many of their coupons being in the $1 range.

I signed up and added my CVS, Rite Aid & Kroger card all at one time.  I'll be sure to report back how this works out for me after I've had a chance to earn some savings.

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